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Zalora vs Lazada: Who You Can Trust in Your Online Shopping?

Just like other people, I am not used to buying from online stores because for one, I am not really sure how the actual item looks like. For moms like me, though, who doesn’t have a yaya, going out mall shopping is not always easy.

So I gave online shopping a try. Zalora was my first attempt and it was a good one. Later on, I tried Lazada for a wide variety of choices.

Am I happy that I switched? Read below my comparison between the two based from my experience.

Customer Service Attends to my needs with accuracy all the time. Did not fulfill their promise to give updates on time committed
Packaging Items were always in its original box/packaging (if not, it’s properly wrapped in paper) put inside a nice, sturdy Zalora box. Item (Nine West Bag) wrapped in plastic, folded into half and inserted in a tight 2GO pouch.
Delivery Fast and sends email on the status of the shipment until shipment is received Sends email for update but lacks on follow through and left me asking, “what’s next?”
Return Policy Fast and easy. A return form is included in delivery of the package. Frustrating. A return form has to be printed out from their website. Their 3rd party courier have no updates on their website for 2 weeks after I returned an item. Lazada is clueless of the whereabouts of my returned package.

I don’t think I will consider Lazada again for my online shopping. My first experience wasn’t good at all but gave it another try few months after and still didn’t deliver the good customer experience every business should do.

Zalora Receipt
Zalora’s receipt with a return form
Lazada Rereipt
Lazada’s 3rd party receipt

Fashion with Passion: DTI’s Indigenous Fair

The Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Sikat Pinoy National Fashion Fair in SM Megatrade Hall offered new treats I want to share. The exhibit promoted fashionable accessories, some garments, and the rest are indigenous food items from different parts of the Philippines. Taking up three halls of Megatrade, which is quite big, I managed to see all there is and we have few favorites.

Joy Gems

Handcrafted jewelry from Bicol. Their pieces are made of brass and stones that are all beautifully made with unique and limited designs. Peewee Benitez and his mom made the jewelry themselves. I can see the heart they put in each of the item they made. Such a talent.

The Lovehand Krafted Shop

I like how a simple ‘bayong’ turned into a cute and shabby chic look. Katherine hand painted them herself. She also does quilling out of buri in pretty bright colors.

Andrea’s Paper Beads

Beads made of glass, plastic, fabric, and pearls are surely nice when put together in a distinct design. But a bead made of paper to make a nice jewelry is just lovely and elegant.

Filipino Consumer


Do you remember those photo booths you see in parties like weddings, debuts, or corporate events? Now Philpost has done something like that, but better. For PhP250, you can have your personalized stamps with your picture on it. So when you send snail mail to family and friends abroad, they will see your personalized stamps. I like how the traditional mailing system comes up with a twist like this.

Filipino Consumer

DTI Representative from Baguio
DTI Representative from Baguio

If you want to see more of the Philippine products, go now to Megatrade and catch them today on their last day of exhibit.

Cheese That’s More than O.K.

What cheese do you normally use in your cooking or simply in your bread every morning? I grew up with Eden cheese and I love it. For me, there’s no other local cheese that can be any better than Eden.

Until I came across O.K. Cheese.

Its name is unassuming. The first time I saw it, it didn’t appeal to me or anything. It doesn’t have that ‘umph!’ that screams, ‘buy me and try me — I’m better’! But there was this one time that my husband actually bought it. Still not convinced though, I just let it sit in the fridge for the longest time. And when I finally decided to try it, it surprised me. I looked at the label again to make sure that it was O.K. Cheese that I just used for my Garlic Tomato Crepe.

No joke. It's more than OK!
No joke. It’s more than OK!

It was good. Actually it was really good. Much like my normal cheese but little better with a good balance of flavor. For its price of less than Php80 I got a very good cheese food that’s perfect for my cooking and my son’s plain bread.

So whenever I go to the grocery, it’s now “O.K.!” in my cart.



So Who Might Take the Crown Away from 7 Eleven?

Family Mart is sprouting everywhere in the Metro these days and it’s refreshing to see them around. I love how I can comfortably sit on their nice and comfortable tables and chairs. I can have a good cup of coffee without really spending too much while working on my laptop – I hope they offer free wifi soon. It’s cozy and spacious and yes they have their own restroom too.
When it comes to food, their choices are new compared to 7-Eleven and Mini Stop stores. Their soft serve is a must try too and is not a popular spot.
This is definitely one Convenient Store that offers advantage and practicality to the consumers. Looks like the stakeholders of Family Mart did their research well as an alternative to run-of-the-mill convenience stores.

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Kiddie Summer Fun at McDonalds

Hey moms! McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is here again for the summer. This is perfect in teaching our kids the value of working at an early age. Plus they will have fun too meeting new friends.

If you have kids at at least four years old, you can go to any McDonald’s store nearest you to register them. You only need to pay Php595 for the apron, chef’s hat, and kid’s meal among others for 5-day of learning, building friendships, and in a fun environment called McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop. Join now.

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Explore the Sweet Baby Diaper

While browsing the diaper section in Robinsons Supermarket, I noticed this Sweet Baby Explore diaper that is new for me. The first thing that caught my attention is that, it’s cheaper compared to EQ, which I always buy since I had my firstborn.

I was a little unsure but because I’m up for trying something new, I bought a pack of twelve.

I tried it on my son during the day and his nighttime sleep. And here are the things I like about it:

  1. The bikini cut feature. My son seems to be more comfortable with it even though he moves a lot around plus it’s easier to put it on him.
  2. Its cloth-like cover. Unlike other diapers of the same prize, this one surprised me because of the quality material it offers.
  3. The core material stays intact and unlike the others, it didn’t turn into chunks of gel despite heavy wetness.

The only disadvantage of this Sweet Baby Explore is its plastic tape on the front. It sticks well but I prefer the Velcro type. Other than that, this one is a keeper.

If you are looking for a quality but competitive diaper for your baby, this one is perfect for budget-conscious moms like me.


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Hey Mister, try Some new Donuts!

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There is this new Mister Donut in Greenfields District that I wanted to try for the longest time. So this afternoon my husband Kris and I finally checked it out.

I took my sweet time choosing which donut is good. As a habit I always ask for the best seller and I was told that I should try All Chocolate Pon-De-Ring.

It pays to know which one is best but of course I always decide which one I want to try so I got the White Chocolate with Almond. I wanted to pair it with hot chocolate but it’s not available.  So I ordered brewed coffee instead, but then decide that Kris can just have it with his Cinnamon Do-ssant. I’m not big on coffee that’s why.

I liked how those bite-size balls come in clusters and I love that it’s chewy.

Its sweetness is just right and perfect with brewed coffee. The ‘Do-ssant’ Kris ordered was Bavarian-filled and served warm. He was not a fan of Bavarian but said it was good nonetheless.

What made our trip to Mister Donut a little sweeter is Corr, their crew/cashier. She smiles all the time and that’s one thing I always consider.

In fact, she was the reason I opted to stay even though they don’t have hot cocoa. Business owners must realize how valuable customer service is when it comes to pleasing customers. It is the kind of relationship that keeps business afloat despite some shortcomings that may occur. May Corr’s tribe increase.