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Beautiful Toy Kingdom, Ugly Sales Tactics

Will do all they can to make a sale and they're making a 'killing'
Will do all they can to make a sale and they’re making a ‘killing’

This example is not like what I experienced because this video is not Toy Kingdom, however,  having seen this post on Facebook proves what sales representatives are doing nowadays to make that sale no matter what — even to the detriment of the customer — they will continue doing it and it should stop.

This is my story and it happened in Toy Kingdom.

It was Wednesday, 28th May when I ventured in SM Megamall’s Toy Kingdom in Building A or the one that is right across the Fastfood Area at the basement level.

Holding a PhP300 toy train for my eldest son, a salesman for a competing brand came up to me and blurted out, “Sir! Pangit yan.” referring to the toy I was holding. “Wala yan sir. Walang kuwenta yan.” (That toy has no value, sir. It doesn’t amount to any thing.)


The toy I’m holding has no value and the impression he gave me is that I don’t — in effect — value my son’s happiness because of a 300 peso toy train. What a father am I huh?

I obliged to see what wants to show me and showed this colorful toy train that is structured like a roller coaster. Nice indeed but it’s not within my budget but now how can I go back to the train I still want to give my son that he already labeled, “Walang kuwenta!” I’m almost embarrassed to move or to even pick up the box I want.

I ended up leaving the store without the toy for my kid.

Toy Kingdom Megamall is beautiful but the sales tactics of representatives who want to make a sale…boy, that’s UGLY! Change that please.

I don’t mean to single out Toy Kingdom because you can see from the video that this kind of up-selling strategy is demeaning and provocative that will not bring out the value of what they’re selling.

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Kiddie Summer Fun at McDonalds

Hey moms! McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is here again for the summer. This is perfect in teaching our kids the value of working at an early age. Plus they will have fun too meeting new friends.

If you have kids at at least four years old, you can go to any McDonald’s store nearest you to register them. You only need to pay Php595 for the apron, chef’s hat, and kid’s meal among others for 5-day of learning, building friendships, and in a fun environment called McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop. Join now.

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Hey Mister, try Some new Donuts!

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There is this new Mister Donut in Greenfields District that I wanted to try for the longest time. So this afternoon my husband Kris and I finally checked it out.

I took my sweet time choosing which donut is good. As a habit I always ask for the best seller and I was told that I should try All Chocolate Pon-De-Ring.

It pays to know which one is best but of course I always decide which one I want to try so I got the White Chocolate with Almond. I wanted to pair it with hot chocolate but it’s not available.  So I ordered brewed coffee instead, but then decide that Kris can just have it with his Cinnamon Do-ssant. I’m not big on coffee that’s why.

I liked how those bite-size balls come in clusters and I love that it’s chewy.

Its sweetness is just right and perfect with brewed coffee. The ‘Do-ssant’ Kris ordered was Bavarian-filled and served warm. He was not a fan of Bavarian but said it was good nonetheless.

What made our trip to Mister Donut a little sweeter is Corr, their crew/cashier. She smiles all the time and that’s one thing I always consider.

In fact, she was the reason I opted to stay even though they don’t have hot cocoa. Business owners must realize how valuable customer service is when it comes to pleasing customers. It is the kind of relationship that keeps business afloat despite some shortcomings that may occur. May Corr’s tribe increase.


Happy Meal Box Makes a Comeback

The iconic Happy Meal packaging makes a 'jolly' comeback
The iconic Happy Meal packaging makes a ‘jolly’ comeback

Thankfully, McDonald’s brought back — albeit FINALLY! — the winsome Happy Meal Box packaging it’s always known for. We drove thru a in a nearby McDonald and got this sunny surprise that my wife (who was a McDonald’s crew at one time in her life) wondered not so long ago as I recall — why they would let go of this engaging packaging. I remember back in the 90s and even 80s when McDonald’s Crews usually handover Happy Meal boxes with enjoyable toys and fries inside, however, recently they would just give a tray, food, and a toy wrapped in a plastic. Not entirely magical if you ask me!

The box is unmistakably kiddie and it completes a kid’s happiness when they see their favorite thematic toys every time they buy a McDonald’s meal. So successful is this ‘ploy’ to have a toy in their order that it usually becomes enough reason to pass by McD’s to make my child’s day. In fact, it becomes a parent’s reward for their little one’s remarkable feat of obedience, excellence, and merit.

McDonald’s, you have a very good product in Happy Meal. I hope you won’t let go of this useful product and packaging because not only does it give happiness to my kid with all the free toys you give but because of the complete budget that makes it truly a Happy Meal for Daddy and Mommy too. Pa-para-pa-pa…Love ko’to!

SM, Puregold: Big is Beautiful?

Is SM Supermarket and Puregold in the business of providing more infrastructures than building their core strength by providing better products and services to customers? It seems so. If what the author suggests in its article showing readers that one has more stores than the other then I think SM Supermarkets and Puregold are losing the purpose of their purpose for existing and it’s making me sick.

As a consumer, I don’t care if Puregold has one more wholesale store than the other. I don’t care if one has a solid hold on the market than the other. All I care about  are what they’re providing consumers: Are they giving better choice products and services? Are they giving customers outstanding customer service? Are they developing systems in better delivering their goods and services?

Being huge is not all that pretty
Being huge is not all that pretty

I haven’t heard of any improvements both are endeavoring in except for SM’s MOB campaign or the “My Own Bag” campaign, which is their advocacy to recycling by offering recycled, fiber-material bags that shoppers can buy, use over and over instead of using plastic ones. Incentives to customers? None. It’s just an environment campaign that attributes its success through non-stop “Save the Environment” advocates’ campaigns.  In fact, these two Supermarket Giants haven’t come up with substantial promotions that will keep consumer loyalty to the highs. Thanks to continuous hunger pangs and wants, customers just go to either of these two because there’s no other choice to go to. And this is insulting consumers. Aside from bigger space and more outlets, can they honestly say they’re offering customers a better choice?

I challenge stockholders of these companies to tell the management of these two to shape up more and improve services: Credit Card terminals are so slow, prices of items are higher than the cost of goods found in stores like Robinsons Supermarket or Super 8, and customers (or I) don’t really feel they’re (we’re) cared about by any of these two entities.

If BIG is all they want then go ahead but it’s no longer cute and consumers will know down the road that what they’re doing is no longer funny and SM Supermarket and Puregold will find themselves fat and unhealthy.

This is in reaction to a story published in the

Super 8 Branches

If you like my experience, my reviews and want to visit Super 8 then check this list out.
Metro Manila

  1. Caloocan – Uniwide Warehouse Club, 1695 Rizal Avenue Extension, Grace Park, Caloocan City (02) 367 8667
  2. Caloocan -Jackman – 558-564 Rizal Avenue Extension, Caloocan City (02) 794 8308
  3. Las Piñas – Uniwide Metro Mall, 43 Real Street, Alabang-Zapote Road, Pamplona, Las Piñas City (02) 875 3814
  4. Makati – G/F Guadalupe Commercial Comples, EDSA-Guadalupe, Makati City (02) 882  7485
  5. Makati – G/F Southgate Mall, EDSA corner Pasong Tamo Extension, Bgt. Magallanes, Makati City (02) 556 9927
  6. Mandaluyong – Shaw 500 Zentrum, 500 Shaw Boulevard, Bgy. New Pleasant, Mandaluyong City (02) 655 3908
  7. Manila  – Aurora Blvd corner Cavite Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila (02) 711 0338
  8. Manila – University Center Bldg. 1985 CM Recto Avenue, cor SH Loyola Street, Sampaloc, Manila (02) 353 3436
  9. Muntinlupa – National Road Corner Feeder Road, Muntinlupa (02) 804 3911
  10. Parañaque – Uniwide Warehouse Club, Olivares Comples, Dr. A. Santos Avenue, Bgy. San Isidro, Sucat, Parañaque City (02) 788 0462
  11. Parañaque – Uniwide Coastal Mall, Reclamation Area, Roxas Boulevard, Tambo, Parañaque City (02) 879 0016
  12. Parañaque – Quirino Avenue corner J. de Leon Street, Bgy. San Dionisio, Parañaque City (Near St. Andrews Cathedral) (02) 553 5747
  13. Parañaque – 240 Quirino Avenue, Parañaque City (02) 804 3983
  14. Pasay City – 2476-2478 Taft Avenue, Pasay City (02) 836 2408
  15. Pasig City – 8005 GP Ortigas Avenue Extension, Bgy. Sta. Lucia, Rosario, Pasig City (02) 655 6557
  16. Pateros – Elisco Road, Boundary of San Joaquin and Sto Rosario, Pateros, Metro Manila (02) 642 7726
  17. Quezon City – Uniwide Warehouse Club, 840 Quirino Highway, Gulod, Novaliches, Quezon City (02) 939 4673
  18. Quezon City – Quirino Highwayh, Bgy Santa Monica and Novaliches Proper, Gulod, Novaliches, Quezon city (02) 939 4673
  19. Quezon City – G/F Wilcon City Center 121 Visayas Avenue, Bgy Bahay Toro, Quezon City (02) 990 5030
  20. San Juan – 79 Blumentrit Street, Bgy. San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna (02) 869 3048

Provinces (Luzon only right now)

  1. Bulacan – Dr. Gonzales Street, Bgy. Poblacion, Baliuag, Bulacan (044) 761 1700
  2. Bulacan – Uniwide Warehouse Club, McArthur Highway, Bgy. Guinhawa, Malolos City, Bulacan (044) 796 0175
  3. Bulacan – Esperanza Mall, McArthur Highway, Bgy. Calvario, Meycauayan, Bulacan (044) 815 7621
  4. Bulacan – RCG Market Stall Bldg., Dr. Eduardo V. Roquero, Sr. Avenue, Sapang Palay, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan (0925) 888 5675
  5. Cavite – Emart, Malihan St., Zone IV, Dasmariñas, Cavite (046) 424 1873
  6. Cavite – G/F Fun Mall, General Trias Drive, Rosario, Cavite (046) 431 5180
  7. Laguna – C. Morales Mall, National Highway, Bgy. San Antonio, Biñan, Laguna (049) 411 0062
  8. Laguna – Lot 3-A-2 National Highway, Bgy. San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna (02) 869 3048
  9. Laguna – Sta. Rosa Commercial Complex, Bgy. Balibago, Sta. Rosa, Laguna (049) 534 1080
  10. Pampanga – Sto. Domingo, Bgy. Sto. Domingo, Angeles, Pampanga (045) 624 6708
  11. Pangasinan – CB Mall, McArthur Hughway, Bgy. Nancayasan, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan (075) 568 3374 / (075) 568 3011
  12. Rizal – SPI Bldg. Manuel L. Quezon Avenue, Bgy. San Roque, Antipolo, Rizal (02) 584 3806
  13. Rizal – 182 Marcos Highway cor. Sumulong Highway, Bgy. Mayamot, Masinag, Antipolo City, Rizal, (02) 647 6506 / (02) 681 4123
  14. Rizal – 52 JP Rizal Street, Bgy Layunan, Binangonan, Rizal (formerly Grand East Hypermart) (02) 650 3671
  15. Rizal – 2/F CMVC Plaza, Gate 2, Cogeo Village, Antipolo City, Rizal (02) 477 9956
  16. Rizal  – 182 Marcos Highway cor Sumulong Highway, Bgy Mayamot, Masinag, Antipolo City, Rizal (02) 647 6505 / (02) 681 4123
  17. Rizal – D’Park & Shop Building, Market Road, Taytay, Rizal (beside Taytay Public Market) (02) 584 3093
  18. Tarlac – Uniwide Warehouse Club, Ninoy Aquino Boulevard, San Nicolas, Tarlac City, Tarlac (045) 982 5263