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Cheese That’s More than O.K.

What cheese do you normally use in your cooking or simply in your bread every morning? I grew up with Eden cheese and I love it. For me, there’s no other local cheese that can be any better than Eden.

Until I came across O.K. Cheese.

Its name is unassuming. The first time I saw it, it didn’t appeal to me or anything. It doesn’t have that ‘umph!’ that screams, ‘buy me and try me — I’m better’! But there was this one time that my husband actually bought it. Still not convinced though, I just let it sit in the fridge for the longest time. And when I finally decided to try it, it surprised me. I looked at the label again to make sure that it was O.K. Cheese that I just used for my Garlic Tomato Crepe.

No joke. It's more than OK!
No joke. It’s more than OK!

It was good. Actually it was really good. Much like my normal cheese but little better with a good balance of flavor. For its price of less than Php80 I got a very good cheese food that’s perfect for my cooking and my son’s plain bread.

So whenever I go to the grocery, it’s now “O.K.!” in my cart.



It’s a Date, Chocolate!

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I don’t easily get swayed by packaging when it comes to candy bars but something caught my attention and it pulled me wanting for more. I’m talking about unit16sweets chocolates and it’s really funny how their company name came from their condominium unit “Unit 16” but amusing as they are, I think they’re very serious with their product.

Unit16Sweets Chocolates are colorful, fun, and personalized. You can actually use them to make souvenirs for your parties especially weddings when you need more useful and sensible gifts to thank your visitors. The best part about these chocolates is that they come from Davao. Who wouldn’t want to support that? Buy Local, right?! In fact, I thought the whole business was just a re-packaging business out of Hersheys Candy Bars and I’m not about to exaggerate it but I think Mars Company and Hersheys should watch their back because if the kind of chocolate I tasted is what the future of our local confectionary industry would look like then for sure, they’ll be getting a run for their money.

Costing PhP50 a piece from where I bought them in Robinsons Forum, the Dark Chocolate Peppermint tastes so alike Andes Mint Chocolates. They’re delicious! That’s no exaggerating. Consider this: Compute how much imported candies are and compute the value of supporting Philippines-made products? Who would you rather support? Now, wouldn’t you care about the fifty bucks I gave? Of course not! It will all be for a good cause and that is to support upcoming businesses, micro entrepreneurs is what I call ’em.

The concept, the idea, the flavors are very exceptional that I volunteered to feature them here and that has nothing to do with the tasting yet. After trying one out, I thought more people should know about this.

If you’re looking for personalized gifts, souvenirs for weddings, debutante’s parties, giveaways for events then you might want to consider re-branding your affairs with this love for chocolate. That’s why I didn’t have a problem naming my post, “It’s a Date, Chocolate!” because this is one sweetheart you don’t want to let go.


Hey Mister, try Some new Donuts!

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There is this new Mister Donut in Greenfields District that I wanted to try for the longest time. So this afternoon my husband Kris and I finally checked it out.

I took my sweet time choosing which donut is good. As a habit I always ask for the best seller and I was told that I should try All Chocolate Pon-De-Ring.

It pays to know which one is best but of course I always decide which one I want to try so I got the White Chocolate with Almond. I wanted to pair it with hot chocolate but it’s not available.  So I ordered brewed coffee instead, but then decide that Kris can just have it with his Cinnamon Do-ssant. I’m not big on coffee that’s why.

I liked how those bite-size balls come in clusters and I love that it’s chewy.

Its sweetness is just right and perfect with brewed coffee. The ‘Do-ssant’ Kris ordered was Bavarian-filled and served warm. He was not a fan of Bavarian but said it was good nonetheless.

What made our trip to Mister Donut a little sweeter is Corr, their crew/cashier. She smiles all the time and that’s one thing I always consider.

In fact, she was the reason I opted to stay even though they don’t have hot cocoa. Business owners must realize how valuable customer service is when it comes to pleasing customers. It is the kind of relationship that keeps business afloat despite some shortcomings that may occur. May Corr’s tribe increase.


New Cakes from Goldilocks?

A Minion Cake? Whuuut?
A Minion Cake? Whuuut?

If this is the shape of things to come then I think I’ll make a Goldilocks Cake comeback really soon. My son and I were waiting for her mommy to finish buying some food items we serve our guest in our hostel and this Cake popped out of nowhere. Goldilocks is known to be your grandfather’s cake, meaning, they’re so traditional, the usual, and not exciting at all — if it weren’t for their moist chocolate cakes and other flavors. So to see this kind of Fondant Cake in their store means that it is breaking out of their mold and trying out new and exciting stuff that kids and adults would surely order more. I only wonder why they don’t have this kind of Cake posted on their website.

For more information on this and other cakes they offer, call Goldilocks today:

  • Goldilocks Trunk line:  +632-532-4050
  • Go Delivery:                +632-888-1-999

(This is an unpaid blog post for Goldilocks.)

Happy Meal Box Makes a Comeback

The iconic Happy Meal packaging makes a 'jolly' comeback
The iconic Happy Meal packaging makes a ‘jolly’ comeback

Thankfully, McDonald’s brought back — albeit FINALLY! — the winsome Happy Meal Box packaging it’s always known for. We drove thru a in a nearby McDonald and got this sunny surprise that my wife (who was a McDonald’s crew at one time in her life) wondered not so long ago as I recall — why they would let go of this engaging packaging. I remember back in the 90s and even 80s when McDonald’s Crews usually handover Happy Meal boxes with enjoyable toys and fries inside, however, recently they would just give a tray, food, and a toy wrapped in a plastic. Not entirely magical if you ask me!

The box is unmistakably kiddie and it completes a kid’s happiness when they see their favorite thematic toys every time they buy a McDonald’s meal. So successful is this ‘ploy’ to have a toy in their order that it usually becomes enough reason to pass by McD’s to make my child’s day. In fact, it becomes a parent’s reward for their little one’s remarkable feat of obedience, excellence, and merit.

McDonald’s, you have a very good product in Happy Meal. I hope you won’t let go of this useful product and packaging because not only does it give happiness to my kid with all the free toys you give but because of the complete budget that makes it truly a Happy Meal for Daddy and Mommy too. Pa-para-pa-pa…Love ko’to!

What Happened to Sandwich Guy?

Me and my wife ate at Sandwich Guy, SM Megamall branch yesterday after a long time. I was shedding more pounds because of a need but I didn’t know that the deli kiosk will also be shedding their quality.
I ordered their Tuna sandwich and my wife, Mushy Bacon sandwich, my son, Pasta Carbonara. My verdict:
Tuna Sandwich: Thin filling, more of the sandwich, less of the meat
Pasta Carbonara: Thin sauce, more pasta
Mushy Bacon: Better but with the disappointing two I ordered, this didn’t weigh much good points for me.
What happened to Sandwich Guy? When I discovered this place, I thought Subway will close for good because of the fat filling it gives its customers. To experience this from a place that built so much reputation on being a worthy challenger to any other Deli in our market today, I’d say it was disappointing and to think their prices were lesser before and more affordable than today – I, the customer, should be given/receive the same quality of meal that I paid for.

Virginia Hotdogs: Tender, Juicy, Tasty

Want to try them hotdogs? It's fifteen bucks a piece and its delicious
Want to try them hotdogs? It’s fifteen bucks a piece and its delicious

My taste buds tell me that Purefoods finally met its match with Virginia Hotdogs. The little-known hotdog from Cebu I first tasted in Robinsons Pioneer gave that unforgettable taste that brought me back to my childhood days. You probably haven’t heard of the brand but so far it’s convincing a lot of kids and adults alike. The brand is faster getting its name known for the tasty and savory taste that Purefoods is also known for BUT with lesser salt. I know because I grew up with Purefoods and you can test it too yourself.

If you are a Purefoods lover like I am but you’re also looking for an alternative to a hotdog that tastes great and less salty then you might want to try Virginia Hotdogs.  Their better-tasting sausages come in regular red color (pork) and brown (beef) color. Their price is better too because they cost lower than Purefoods Hotdogs.

If Purefoods can only come out with another version of hotdog that is more affordable and tastes better then I would say that they really care about their main market. It’s no longer, “Kids Can Tell” but I can too because my son, loves it.