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PLDT, ICT Customers Internet Signal Affected

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Due to the recent typhoon that hit the Philippines and Hong Kong, Internet connection provided by PLDT and ICT Solutions will have an affected service in the next several weeks because of several damaged undersea cables that connect customers to service providers for internet connection.

Globe Telecoms on the other hand is not affected for they were able to reroute their services through other submarine cables and assets spread throughout the country.

According to news reports ICT Solutions said that the repair will take about 4 to 6 weeks depending on the success and efficiency of their plans and keep their customers connected.

Beautiful Toy Kingdom, Ugly Sales Tactics

Will do all they can to make a sale and they're making a 'killing'
Will do all they can to make a sale and they’re making a ‘killing’

This example is not like what I experienced because this video is not Toy Kingdom, however,  having seen this post on Facebook proves what sales representatives are doing nowadays to make that sale no matter what — even to the detriment of the customer — they will continue doing it and it should stop.

This is my story and it happened in Toy Kingdom.

It was Wednesday, 28th May when I ventured in SM Megamall’s Toy Kingdom in Building A or the one that is right across the Fastfood Area at the basement level.

Holding a PhP300 toy train for my eldest son, a salesman for a competing brand came up to me and blurted out, “Sir! Pangit yan.” referring to the toy I was holding. “Wala yan sir. Walang kuwenta yan.” (That toy has no value, sir. It doesn’t amount to any thing.)


The toy I’m holding has no value and the impression he gave me is that I don’t — in effect — value my son’s happiness because of a 300 peso toy train. What a father am I huh?

I obliged to see what wants to show me and showed this colorful toy train that is structured like a roller coaster. Nice indeed but it’s not within my budget but now how can I go back to the train I still want to give my son that he already labeled, “Walang kuwenta!” I’m almost embarrassed to move or to even pick up the box I want.

I ended up leaving the store without the toy for my kid.

Toy Kingdom Megamall is beautiful but the sales tactics of representatives who want to make a sale…boy, that’s UGLY! Change that please.

I don’t mean to single out Toy Kingdom because you can see from the video that this kind of up-selling strategy is demeaning and provocative that will not bring out the value of what they’re selling.

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Epson Having Problems With Ink Supply?

Does any body here own an EPSON printer?

Do you own an EPSON TX110 printer model?

Did you know that with this EPSON 3-in-1 printer model you can use two types of printer inks for this printer model so it can help you with your budget?

FC Epson Ink Cartridges 91N CyanDid you know that EPSON discontinued selling 91N ink cartridges, the one that is more affordable?

Did you notice that after two years the EPSON ink cartridges you buy for so much seems to produce so little now than they used to, producing lesser outputs than they used to when they introduced it?

Did you know that the EPSON printer won’t work if one (out of four cartridges) cartridge is missing?

Did you know that the remaining ink cartridge model 73N Black Ink is not available in popular stores like Silicon Valley and other stores in Metro Manila malls for about two months now we’re told?

No black ink, no work done.
No black ink, no work done.

Did you know that the missing Black Ink will make my printer obsolete and even dry up the other ink cartridges left in the storage and therefore kill my investment in this printer they’re selling?

What’s up EPSON? Where’s my black ink?

You know what you built so how come you’re not selling black inks any more for TX110 Epson model?

Are you an EPSON user?

Do you have the same experience?

Post down below and share us your sentiments.

Toys R Us Signboard: Signs of the Times?

NITM Girls Favorites 1Dear Robinsons Department Store and Toys R’ Us,

I saw this sign inside your department store in Pioneer — Robinsons Mall Forum and I am don’t understand what this notice says, reading books is now “Girls’ Favorites”. What about boys? Is this stereo-typing that boys like my kids are only good with Lego’s, RC cars, swords, toy guns, and Playstation consoles? Are you saying reading is reserved for girls? Really?

I want to believe this is just a mistake because the opposite shelf has girl toys on ‘em and the other section says “Boy’s Favorites” or something like that but just the same, why can’t we come up with a section for books that we can call “Book Shelf”, or a “Learning Section” or even a “Child’s Favorite” signboard to promote literacy and education?

Let’s change this label or even better, have that consciousness to cater the needs of ALL children by offering a bigger section dedicated to books and learning materials that sharpen the minds of kids. This will help them a lot — heck, help all Ninongs (godfathers) and Ninangs (godmothers) buy sensible gifts to their inaanak (godchildren) of all ages for their birthdays and strengthen the bonds between parents and kids, to learn lessons, and be more fruitful citizens of this country.

In retrospect, it’s funny how I came up with all these arguments out of one signboard, however, this is no laughing matter when execution of communication materials are bereft of intentions and thought les we are a mindless, zombie-like society who only buys and no longer thinks.

Wait, Robinsons is a smart business right? Let’s think before we execute, please.

Shakey’s: Tragedy While Using ‘Supercard’

New Loyalty Card, new deals
New Loyalty Card, new deals

Shakey’s Shaw-Kapitolyo blew whatever good experience I’ve had while on a dinner date with my wife. The management crew and staff withheld me from paying my bill just because my Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard data shows that it was expired in “January 2014”. The loyalty card is supposed to give me 10% discount on most of their items on their menu and I even wrote about it after I renewed it just in December 2013!

I argued with our server, “Why hold me? Isn’t that your internal problem? Just have me pay my bill and you guys settle this matter with whoever is encoding your data.”

I really got upset after my server — still without the bill — said her manager is already calling their 500 Shaw branch, which is about a couple of kilometers away from where I was. I said, “That’s not right. You’re holding me up for something that I didn’t cause. You have my expired one, which I showed you. It says July 2013. So why hold me up for something clearly not my fault? You’re not giving away free meal. You’re just giving me 10% discount and I paid for the renewal of the supercard!”

I called the manager’s attention and asked if such procedure was normal: the feeling that either: One, the customer is showing a bogus/fake card or Two, they will not honor my 10% discount because the expiration date of the card is January 2014 — either way, is not a good option and wrong. The manager apologized but couldn’t explain why they did what they did. It seems like the concept of ‘customer is always right’ took a nose dive that night.

Shakey’s we love your new image but please do something about your customer service. I know you can do better than this: Customers are people not wallets.

A Tribute: Paul Walker’s Filipino Heart

The late Paul Walker may be remembered as a protagonist in the franchise movie, “Fast and The Furious”, which began in 2000. Back then, it looked like a B-movie but after the second offing, “2 Fast 2 Furious”, it looks like there won’t be any ending at all especially when you added Vin Diesel into the mix.

Rice rocket (term for Asian Cars) fans would definitely miss the 40-year-old star but did you know he starred in the following notable shows and movies back in Hollywood? Here’s quite a few

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To me, this just goes to show that Paul Walker is a career actor who started out as a child performer who played bit roles and never billed in one like Brokedown Palace  and She’s All That. He eventually made it on his own with movies like The Fast and The Furious movie sequels that gave him more recognition than he deserves, Into The Blue, and Eight Below — all made in the 21st Century. To Filipinos, Walker is a hero. He made an indelible mark by getting the rest of his co-stars and send a message of hope and that he can still show much heart to the suffering despite his busy shooting schedules. His car-crazed fans back in the Los Angeles partnered with him to come up with a car show that will raise funds for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan and help my Kababayans get back up and build their lives again by building them homes and livelihood in the process.

Here’s a video he taped with the Fast and The Furious 7 cast appealing for help to support efforts in rebuilding damaged towns and coastal areas of Visayas and help the survivors.

Mabuhay ka Paul Walker and Maraming, maraming salamat sa iyo.



When Coke is no Longer a Beverage

Did you know your favorite Coca Cola drink is not just a thirst quencher but it’s also a cleaning agent? No joke. I know it’s hard to believe but before you throw Coke bottles at me, hear me out.

First, Coke was invented with the idea of it being a medicine to cure addiction to morphine, dyspepsia, neurasthenia, headaches, and yes, even impotence (who knew?!). This was invented by Pharmacist, John Pemberton in 1885 when the first drink was an alcoholic beverage called French Coca Wine. The wine turned into carbonated drink when the City of Atlanta prohibited him from selling his invention. I digress.

Coke used to be good until truth sets in
Coke used to be good until truth sets in

Coke, because of its highly intense phosphate ingredient needs to heal itself and uses calcium available in your bones to replenish it. That depletion becomes dangerous and without it you can get osteoporosis so you need to reproduce calcium again by eating certain foods that includes Vitamin D that helps absorb calcium to your body.

If you read Coca Cola’s history, it’s not something you should be proud of and more regulation should be done so you get to live longer and give your body only the best dose of nutrition to make you live healthier and hopefully, longer.

Now what is Coke good for? We’re not here to insult Coke (nor Pepsi and other cola companies) but just in case you have Coke in your refrigerator or stock pile and you need it for certain emergencies then grab one bottle and don’t hesitate to use it for your moments of crisis. We thank for these ideas:

1. Cleans burnt pans; let the pan soak in the Coke, then rinse.
2. Cleans tile grout; pour onto kitchen floor, leave for a few minutes, wipe up.
3. Removes gum from hair; dip into a small bowl of Coke, leave a few minutes. Gum will wipe off.
4. Cleans a toilet; pour around bowl, leave for a while, flush clean.
5. Makes pennies shine; soaking old pennies in Coke will remove the tarnish.
6. Removes rust; methods include using fabric dipped in Coke, a sponge or even aluminum foil. Also loosens rusty bolts

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