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PLDT, ICT Customers Internet Signal Affected

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Due to the recent typhoon that hit the Philippines and Hong Kong, Internet connection provided by PLDT and ICT Solutions will have an affected service in the next several weeks because of several damaged undersea cables that connect customers to service providers for internet connection.

Globe Telecoms on the other hand is not affected for they were able to reroute their services through other submarine cables and assets spread throughout the country.

According to news reports ICT Solutions said that the repair will take about 4 to 6 weeks depending on the success and efficiency of their plans and keep their customers connected.

Coming Soon: Wireless Electricity for Your Home

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Wireless electricity will be coming to our shores in the very near future. That is if our government agencies will embrace this technology today.

The technology is called highly resonant wireless power transfer and the Inventors uses the same principle as to what we use today in our cooking, Induction Cooking. Induction uses magnets to create energy and in this invention, instead of releasing heat, it produces electricity because of a receiver that induces electricity that powers our every day gadgets and appliances.

a single power source that can charge all your lights, appliances, and even cars - wirelessly!
a single power source that can charge all your lights, appliances, and even cars – wirelessly!

The idea is to create a single source of electricity and eliminate any outlets in the house or any wirings that could trip you or harm your kids in the process of discovery. The transmitter emits magnetic waves so this is not harmful to human or to pets in the house. It’s actually going to be revolutionary because it will mean huge savings for people building new homes in the future.

Witricity, the founder of the technology, are busy studying how this could be used to power different appliances in the house that requires more wattage and how it could send varying charges needed to power cars or refrigerators. Dr. Katie Hall, CTO of Witricity, expects to complete their study by 2016.

Read here how it works.

Exciting developments as we will soon see a more clutter-free home that moms and geeks would love in the very near future.

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Meralco Announces Staggered Payment of Utilities This December BUT…


It's a pain how much we have to pay this month
It’s a pain how much we have to pay this month

Meralco said today that the full implementation of their electricity rate hike of PhP3.44/KWh this December won’t be felt this month — rather it will take in staggered payment forms but don’t jump for joy just yet because the petition has yet to be approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission that approves those kinds of arrangements but I think this is just formality.

New in the Market would still want our loyal readers to take the high road and be wise in using this utility. Why pay more even if you will do this in staggered payments? We encourage our dear readers to still try to reduce use of your electricity and elect to pay less in the coming months.

We have come up with different solutions you can do (albeit with some sacrifices) to regulate consumption of your home electricity. Stop regretting tomorrow and read our tips and save on cost today.


10+ Ways to Reduce Cost of Electricity Bills

It's a pain how much we have to pay this month
It’s a pain how much we have to pay this month

Meralco has said it. They’ll raise electricity rates by as much as (or even more!) PhP3.00 in December 2013. This is to give way to mandatory maintenance of the Malampaya Natural Gas Power Plant that helps run turbines that create electricity. Tips to reduce cost of your monthly electricity bills:

• Defrost your refrigerator if you haven’t for months on end
• Declutter your refrigerator, trash unwanted food, put dry food in one container, don’t stuff you ref for better cold circulation
• Plan your food better and open your ref methodically every time

Hot and Cold
• If you have heated water dispenser, unplug it this month, use percolator
• Maximize use of freshly cooked rice, heat leftover food using rice cooker
• Use shower heaters sparingly this month. If you have time, warm up by doing some calisthenics.
• Get a Coleman cooler to cool and store drinks in it. Buying ice is cheaper than paying electricity this month, believe me.

Power Strips make it easier to "unplug" unused appliances
Power Strips make it easier to “unplug” unused appliances

Power Outlets
• Charge your phones in the morning, avoid wasting energy once your phones are charged
• Unplug any appliances you’re not using like turned off television, stereos, electric fans, A/Cs, and more

Air Condition Units
• Use your Aircon’s timer. I run it for two hours only. The weather’s cold any way
• Use electric fans instead of A/Cs
• For parents, invite your kids to your room and sleep there to save on A/C power
• It’s colder these days, open windows if possible and don’t use the A/C
• Clean the filter of your air-conditioner

I have no illusions that some of these tips are easy. In fact, it’s hard to some of you. It’s not your normal way of doing things and it requires an amount of effort. To some, it’s a way of changing lifestyle, however, this is an opportunity to put more money in our pockets for better use tomorrow.

If you will do these tips, please share with us your experience what you benefited from it. Have a nice day.



San Miguel Goes Mobile in 2014

SanMig Mobile? Mahaba-habang kuwentuhan ito.
SanMig Mobile? Mahaba-habang kuwentuhan ito.

Are we ready for another mobile telecommunications company like San Miguel? Do we really need another one? Would they be better than the current competition? These questions and more seems to be all yes for San Miguel as it informed the Philippine Stock Exchange of its intention to go against mobile phone giants Smart Communications and Globe Communications.

San Miguel seems to know something that the other wireless giants don’t and the company is banking on those answers when it offers their services to the public in 2014. It will be a huge investment because most of the wireless back ends or the mobile towers that provide signal to phone companies are operated and owned by Smart’s subsidiary PLDT.

And PLDT is putting up a fight even in pockets of areas where San Miguel is testing out the waters. Just in July, PLDT tried to block San Miguel’s Wi-Tribe in setting up telecommunication facilities saying it is an “unnecessary duplication of facilities”. Wi-Tribe will not be the brand San Miguel intends to launch so speculation is up whether the Beer giant will tap to some of its telecommunications portfolio like Bell Telecommunications, Liberty Telecommunications or Vega Telecommunications. San Miguel is determined to enter the scene but consumers want better services and more affordable rates since the country is the lowest in terms of smartphone penetration this year according to Nielsen. Something all of the wireless mobile phone players should take seriously if it wants to be taken seriously by a growing market of Smartphone users.


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Meralco Blinks on Billing Deposits

Is Meralco getting nervous (or more nervous?) with this recent Facebook post they published early in the afternoon of 11th October? It seems the protest to this Billing Deposit is mounting and I’m sure glad they are doing something about it and FAST.

If only Meralco knows the power of SHOES then I think they wouldn’t be getting more flak than they should.

What do I mean by “shoes?”

Putting their feet in our shoes.

I believe, for the most part, smart consumers know that planning is always key in any budgetary concerns of every day life. If only Meralco told consumers in advance what they have to prepare then we won’t have this big wall of NO from customers who are seeking either seeking a reprieve or a strike down from what consumers think is an excessive (albeit) demand for more fees.

Consumers had enough of this unwanted surprises from bureaucrats and policy makers – whether in the political stage or in the commercial-consumer stage especially when people are already planning for reunions during Christmas. People are already winding down and want to appreciate their earnings. By doing it unannounced, what Meralco executives are telling consumers that asking for Billing Deposit in the last quarter of the year wouldn’t hurt their customers too much thinkg bonuses will be coming up later in the year anyway but that’s not the case here. In all intents and purposes, Meralco deliberately withheld communication and let the winds take its course – never letting their customers plan ahead.

Meralco, if you were in my shoes? Would you agree in the manner this Billing Deposit played out? Would you do this just like this? Demand payment as if electricity is the only commodity we have to deal with every month? Like we don’t have mouths to feed? Could you have at least informed us of such potential payments we have to deal with?

If only Meralco knows how to be HUMAN then I think they will have the support of a lot of people, a lot of consumers in paying Billing Deposits – and yes – even on a Christmas season and against our budget.

More information: Know more what Billing Deposit is here and what it can do to condo unit owners.

Meralco’s Billing Deposit: Potential Headache for Condo Owners

Billing Deposits can be really messy if you don’t find a solution and fast.

After Mr. Cortez explained to New In The Market what this Meralco Billing Deposit is all about, he touched on some troubling matters that concerns condominium unit-owners whose Administrators handle all electrical bills for their residents.

Mr. Cortez’s uncle owns a condominium unit but the housing association administers his utility bills. He, Mr. Cortez’s uncle, was now being asked to pay for the Meralco Billing Deposit that the condo association is asking for.

Now before we dive into this situation, I want to ask our readers these seemingly simple questions:

  1. Should Mr. Cortez pay the Billing Deposit? He should because that is the law, right?
  2. Now, what about the refund that Meralco gives after three years if the condo association pay their bills on time? Will he and each of his neighbors get such refund as a benefit to this kind of arrangement?

That’s the BIG “???”

At this point, the reality is the housing association is the only one directly dealing with Meralco. Now, if and when the condo admin gets any thing in return, residents won’t have any way of knowing it.

We won’t have any problem if the housing association is honorable, above board, and above reproach but that is not always the case.

Unfortunately, no news wires are dabbling on this situation so I am volunteering two possible solutions to address this:

  1. Meralco publishes – online or in broadsheets – condo association or companies that will get refund out of Billing Deposits. This will give more residents the information and make housing associations accountable to such refunds.
  2. Since creating an internal system can be problematic and stressful, Housing Associations should pass a resolution that residents will vote on and agree where the refunded money will go to: Will it be to charity? Will it be to infrastructure projects that will improve conditions of the condominium they all live in? Will it be equally distributed according to the size of the condominium owners are living in?

There aren’t easy answers but Meralco is staring all of its customers in the face and are asking you – with the law on their side – to pay this (what others call, diabolical) Billing Deposit. We need solutions, we need to act fast, and we need to make Meralco accountable for this belated notice after this.

If you have more ideas on how to address this, drop me a note and we will add your name and solution to help others get through with this. Besides, it is in solutions we thrive, not in pointing the blame.