Hola! got the Best Mexican Taste

I’ve been to Chili’s, Mexicali, Army Navy, TGIF, and nothing comes close to the taste of Mexican food like Hola! This tiny kiosk along the food stalls of SM Supermarket, SM MegaMall (Hey Mandaluyong peeps!) offers the tastiest, close-to-the-original Mexican dishes on-the-go in Metro Manila. The rice used in their burrito (Php68! only – biggest size) is bursting with just the right flavor. The soft and hard shell tacos are great not just in my mouth but also for my budget. The salsa (Php8 only!), though placed in a small catchup container, has the right tomato sweetness (not spicy) that does the Mexican Hat Dance in my mouth. I actually buy three just to eat it – for real!

I wouldn’t mind going there every time I have that Mexican crave because the prices are muy bien (very good). If you are in SM Megamall or a huge fan of Mexican food, be different and stroll by Hola! and be treated with much felicidad (happiness) and you’ll end up eating muchos gusto (happy).

New Packaging: Skyflakes Onion and Chives

Will the market embrace Skyflakes Onion and Chives' new packaging?

Skyflakes recently released it’s new packaging for their Skyflakes Onion and Chives variant. I’m not sure if it carries a whole new taste but you can see the Chive bits in the biscuit. It’s interesting how this product used purple for its packaging. It confused the market though because customers are used to the familiar green packaging. If they want to continue the product’s marketability they should come out with an aggressive campaign.

Just added (August 14): Tang’s New Iced Tea Packaging! 

Living the ‘lux’ with our Electrolux

Malou and I thought hard and prayed hard when we bought this Electrolux washing machine three years ago from SM Appliance Center in SM MegaMall. They offered a buy one-get-one-(the electric dryer)-half-off deal that I couldn’t pass up. It was the priciest conjugal item we bought since tying the knot in 2007. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. How? Getting a “Wash N’ Fold” laundromat service to do our 15 kilos per week load and paying Php25/kilo would be over and above the amount right now of the cost of our Electrolux washer and dryer. Now, I haven’t included the gas and mileage of picking up and dropping off our clothes at the laundromat. That’s just our clothes!

On top of that value, we turned their 5.5kg machine into a money-earning appliance to supplement our family’s income. We wash my co-workers’ clothes that weighs a total of 40 kilos per week.

I’m already thinking of getting a new machine and perhaps even getting a bigger washer and dryer to accommodate the slowly but increasing demand. So for those of you who think Electrolux is just a vacuum machine company then think again because these appliances have helped us tremendously in our busy family life.

Up until now, this workhorse hasn’t given us a headache and it’s still serving us faithfully. By studying these options, we’re definitely better consumers.

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Fix the Flaw, Army Navy Shaw!

Those around Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City that are huge fans of Burritos and Burgers should look no further because Army Navy is now at your doorstep. I got introduced to this joint last year in Tagaytay, Cavite during Holy Week (2010) and I didn’t enjoy it at first because all our flimsy, disposable plates, utensils, and napkins (and food!) were all being blown away. Aargh! You feel me?! Anyway, I tried it again last Monday (July 11). This time I find the experience fair. For three people who ordered Chicken, Taco, Burrito, three drinks, and two fries, our bill was at Php780.00. I find that steep especially when their burrito is smaller than the Mexican kiosk place in SM Megamall called Hola! (Hola!’s Review) that only cost me Php68.00!

As for the food – their fries (with a hint of spicy-ness), the tacos, the ambience are good but our orders were slow. Is it an operations glitch? It took twenty minutes to get our orders on our table.

Overall the experience for me is two (out of five) stars. I will only go back there if they will serve something that I feel will be worth my budget. I’ll try to post their menu so you can prepare your budget for it.

I’m posting this so those of you who are huge fans of this place can now enjoy it – if you can spare about Php300/complete meal.

Army Navy: Not for the faint on budget

Sunday’s Melon: Just Like the Real Thing

Aside from Tang, I think Oishi is doing a great job in offering powdered beverages to consumers like me. This Sundays Melon flavor tastes as real as real could be. The only thing missing are the strands of grated Watermelon that my tongue seems like to look for. I just wish Oishi used a different packaging color because it does injustice to the taste I enjoy. If you like Watermelon juice in the summer, then now you can love this tropical flavor all-year long. Try it. Be better consumers, try Sundays Melon powdered drink.

Terrific food in a pouch

I’ve tried Wow Ulam! and Ulam King but nothing comes close to enjoying my meal with Ulalam. Made by Concept Marketing Corporation, Ulalam was nothing like those made by more popular companies I know today. It’s not salty and very convenient. The foil pouch can be dipped in any container with hot water and it’s not filled with what I term “discarded meat products” made by other Ready-to-Eat (RTE) canned meats. So if you want value for money (Php14.75, 85gms (17 cents/gm)), then I suggest you take the adventure I took and try Ulalam. My co-workers saw me have it for lunch, tried it, and had the same opinion. It’s that good. So be smart and be better consumers.

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No way, Huawei!

I recently applied for a retention plan with SMART Communications 500-peso scheme. I just lost my phone (misplaced) and it was a good thing that I was within range of re-applying for a new handset. Long story short, I exchanged my choice of phone from Nokia X2 model to Huawei. . .Hwa-what?! Exactly my thought. It’s the only one that is powered by Android 2.2 (Froyo) and I can actually tweet, which is one of my favorite activities. So as soon as I researched it on CNET and in other review sites I was fully satisfied to change orders. So if you are scared of being tied up for two years with post-paid plans, fear not for this is a great deal. Allow the YouTube video I found tell you more about it.

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