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12 Notable Facts: EU, USFAA’s Actions to PH

Yes, The Philippines Can! Headlining in my head knowing the sheer benefits my constituents will reap out of these upgrades our aviation industry agency and airlines  received over the week — and just before the Holy Week.

To know what these upgrade means, we scoured the web and found eight noteworthy facts that will paint a picture of our aviation industry and what it means for our tourism and our economy as a whole.

FC US-EU picture
Hardwork, shining through. We just need consistency.
  1. Higher and much competitive salaries for immensely technical staff of PAL and CebuPac
  2. Philippines, as a country, is still partially black-listed in EU since we still have ZestAir and SEAir as air carriers in the country
  3. Cebu Pacific was taken out of the ban along with Air Astana, Swaziland’s national air carrier
  4. There are twenty countries banned in EU, fourteen from Africa and six in Asia – Philippines and Swaziland still included because we still have registered air carriers that were not cleared by EU
  5. To lift the whole nation from the ban, the European Commission will also begin the process of assessing Philippine aviation including internal aviation later this year with the prospect of lifting the ban on Philippine aviation as a whole.
  6. Cebu Pacific acquired Tiger Airways Philippines in February 2014 and is just awaiting Congress’ and SEC’s approval of the said deal — Cebu Pacific currently operates over 2,200 flights per week with 49 aircraft to 24 international and 33 Philippine cities; Tigerair Philippines will add 118 flights per week. Its fleet consists of five aircrafts that goes to 11 domestic and international routes coming from either Manila and Clark airports.
  7. The USFAA upgrade of CAAP to Category one means the country’s airlines in addition to flag carrier Philippine Airlines can now fly to the US, which includes CebuPacific, ZestAir, and SEAir.
  8. Cebu Pacific intends to fly to Hawaii and Guam first after the USFAA announcement
  9. PAL will intuitively return flights to Hawaii, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and all the way to New York — its prime destinations back in 2008 before the US agency took it away from our flag carrier
  10. DOTC and CAAP is reaping the accolades out of its hard work in keeping airliners accountable and at par with global standards
  11. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was the lead American agency that evaluated CAAP over a course of five years and assess its standards of operations
  12. The EU Air Safety Committee is US’ (ICAO) counterpart that approved Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific to fly to the 28-member bloc of the European Union.

This is one painful lesson we all need to learn that if we want to be recognized as a nation of first class, we should change our ways of thinking and our actions that meet the standards — not of the world but — of honor and respect. It’s like keeping your house clean because you have guests coming over and have different and varying needs that should be met.

I could only hope other PH agencies will follow suit.

Congratulations Mr. Hotchkiss of CAAP and for Sec. Abaya for accomplishing this feat. Two thumbs up.
Notable Quote:
“When countries do what it takes to ensure the safety of their aviation industry, it is important that the EU recognises these efforts,” said the European Commission’s vice president for mobility & transport, Siim Kallas.


Philippines is Selfiest Nation in the World

'Selfiest' Cities in the World
‘Selfiest’ Cities in the World

Time.com recently made a study declaring Makati-Pasig cities (as area) ‘Selfiest City of the World’ (slow clap) with Manhattan, NY a close second (Note: Selfie is a term used to do self portrait photograph using a smartphone or any device that has a camera in it). The news magazine did the survey recently in a period of 6-days (January-February) and 5 days (March) What Time.com didn’t reveal though was The Philippines actually hogged the first two spots of this top ten ranking. Why is our result different from theirs?

First, their data didn’t make sense. I tried to compute Makati-Pasig’s selfies score of 4155 to either of the given variables of selfies vs: (a) population, (b) users, or (c) even per capita of 10,000 (vs. Population) and none of them showed the result of 258 so I wondered how they got that number.

Second, I used a different method to calculate the data. Since the title is the “Selfiest Cities of the World”, I divided the number of selfies versus the number of Instagram users for each city to understand really how many selfie does one take to actually get that number and the result was much different. It came out that out of the Instagram users who took photos of themselves, used the hash tag “selfie”,  that included the geo-tag city of that nation, Cebu actually came second.

The results are as follows:
FC Selfie Results TimeMy per Capita, as shown, is based on the number of Selfies shot against the number of Users provided by the sample data time.com provided. This shows that Filipinos made 1.43 ‘selfie’ shots per Instagram user or 0.16 shots more than a Manhattan-resident.

While the attention Philippines got was good, it’s really not nice to be called “Selfiest City of the World” because (for me) with it comes the tag “vainest city of the world” or the “the most narcissistic city of the world” (woohoo!) who love seeing themselves so much on cyber space. Yech! But more than the data sample, the result shows that The Philippines is fast catching up in the sphere of technology and I’ll be talking more of that in a blog I entitled, “What Selfiest City Means To The World of Social Media” and the gains we produced as a result of this study.

So cheers Philippines, you are now the ‘Selfiest Nation or Country in the World’! Let’s give ourselves a toast and whip up that camera and take a selfie once again ’cause time.com might be recording data once again as a result of their article. We might just end up in the Guiness Book of World Records. Who knows? =)

Virginia Hotdogs: Tender, Juicy, Tasty

Want to try them hotdogs? It's fifteen bucks a piece and its delicious
Want to try them hotdogs? It’s fifteen bucks a piece and its delicious

My taste buds tell me that Purefoods finally met its match with Virginia Hotdogs. The little-known hotdog from Cebu I first tasted in Robinsons Pioneer gave that unforgettable taste that brought me back to my childhood days. You probably haven’t heard of the brand but so far it’s convincing a lot of kids and adults alike. The brand is faster getting its name known for the tasty and savory taste that Purefoods is also known for BUT with lesser salt. I know because I grew up with Purefoods and you can test it too yourself.

If you are a Purefoods lover like I am but you’re also looking for an alternative to a hotdog that tastes great and less salty then you might want to try Virginia Hotdogs.  Their better-tasting sausages come in regular red color (pork) and brown (beef) color. Their price is better too because they cost lower than Purefoods Hotdogs.

If Purefoods can only come out with another version of hotdog that is more affordable and tastes better then I would say that they really care about their main market. It’s no longer, “Kids Can Tell” but I can too because my son, loves it.