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Kopiko CaféBlanco Goes Against ‘Great Taste White Coffee’

Kopiko CafeBlanca front editedSo I tried Kopiko™’s new product, CaféBlanca. Here’s what I have to say about it:

Packaging — The off-white appearance is good and demonstrates the coffee cream color.  It is appealing but I wish the Kopiko logo is a 50% bigger because it has already an established name. I like the clean look of the packaging but I would prefer the CaféBlanca name to be in white since it’s selling it as White Coffee. (Kopiko, point)

Appearance — It’s not as White as I presumed it to be especially when you’re selling yourself as “White Coffee” my expectations weren’t met. (Great Taste, point)

Taste — It’s not full-bodied as I expect it to be. Full-bodied in my definition would mean having the creamy taste and boldness of coffee. (Great Taste, point)

Flavor — Not the White Coffee I expect it to be. Like I already said in the taste, the creaminess of milk is far from my expectations. I use the same cup every time I drink my coffee and too bad, Kopiko didn’t take that distinction to the next level. (Great Taste, point)

Value — Considering CaféBlanca is only PhP6.00 it should be worth it but compared to Great Taste White Coffee, it’s a personal choice to say just use that money to try the latter. (Great Taste, point)

Final score Kopiko – 1 and Great Taste – 4, so overall the product wasn’t what I expect it to be. Unlike the other coffee variants I’ve tried, claiming to be White Coffee means you have to have more milk than the usual boldness of coffee that instant coffee offers. A friend of mine said it was too sweet. I didn’t find it sweet yet again I could always try prepare it and see where my friend was coming from.

Great Taste™ White Coffee still comes out the top in the White Coffeemix category. Congratulations!

Kopiko Launches White Coffee, CafeBlanca

After their successful Kopiko Black and Brown 3-in-1 coffee mixes, Pt Torabika Eka Semesta of Indonesia who introduced this to coffee-crazed Filipinos is now introducing a White variant called CafeBlanca. If I know any better, this one is out to challenge the other White Coffee 3-in-1 mix that is hogging this segment right now, Great Taste White Coffee (by Universal Robina Corporation). Incidentally, Kopiko’s White Coffee brand is known outside The Philippines but Great Taste beat them to the punch so now they have to introduce a new name for it — CafeBlanca.

We saw this variant today and my verdict? Well, just wait for it tomorrow as we reveal who I think will grab the limelight. For now, try to grab this coffee sachets at your favorite grocery, supermarket, or even wholesale stores today.

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