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Meralco Blinks on Billing Deposits

Is Meralco getting nervous (or more nervous?) with this recent Facebook post they published early in the afternoon of 11th October? It seems the protest to this Billing Deposit is mounting and I’m sure glad they are doing something about it and FAST.

If only Meralco knows the power of SHOES then I think they wouldn’t be getting more flak than they should.

What do I mean by “shoes?”

Putting their feet in our shoes.

I believe, for the most part, smart consumers know that planning is always key in any budgetary concerns of every day life. If only Meralco told consumers in advance what they have to prepare then we won’t have this big wall of NO from customers who are seeking either seeking a reprieve or a strike down from what consumers think is an excessive (albeit) demand for more fees.

Consumers had enough of this unwanted surprises from bureaucrats and policy makers – whether in the political stage or in the commercial-consumer stage especially when people are already planning for reunions during Christmas. People are already winding down and want to appreciate their earnings. By doing it unannounced, what Meralco executives are telling consumers that asking for Billing Deposit in the last quarter of the year wouldn’t hurt their customers too much thinkg bonuses will be coming up later in the year anyway but that’s not the case here. In all intents and purposes, Meralco deliberately withheld communication and let the winds take its course – never letting their customers plan ahead.

Meralco, if you were in my shoes? Would you agree in the manner this Billing Deposit played out? Would you do this just like this? Demand payment as if electricity is the only commodity we have to deal with every month? Like we don’t have mouths to feed? Could you have at least informed us of such potential payments we have to deal with?

If only Meralco knows how to be HUMAN then I think they will have the support of a lot of people, a lot of consumers in paying Billing Deposits – and yes – even on a Christmas season and against our budget.

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Explained: What Meralco Billing Deposit is

Meralco surprised consumers with ‘Billing Deposit’

New In The Market met shortly with one of the Business Center officers taking care of new accounts for Meralco and asked what this Billing Deposit is all about. I’ll just refer to the person we talked to as Mr. N. Cortez.

What is Billing Deposit?
Billing Deposit is, Mr. Cortez explained, is the amount a customer incurs because the electrical load amount exceeded the original electrical plan given to them to begin with. It is not a penalty or any residual amount that we failed to pay with Meralco or any of what news wires are filing recently.

Here’s how this Billing Deposit ‘works’:
For example: The electrical plan of a house/ business submitted to them when you first applied with Meralco requires a 10,000 watt capacity BUT what your Architect or Contractor submitted was 1,000 watt capacity electrical plan only. Over time, Meralco sees what electricity you really consume and that’s when Meralco compensates the difference. This difference in the amount of capacity your residence/building really needs leads to a Billing Deposit.

This, he says, is a practice that usually happens either:
1. A customer didn’t realize that he/she will be plugging more equipments and therefore exceeding the electrical plan or…
2. Because the customer doesn’t want to pay more upfront and therefore under-reports the real or planned consumption is.

Either way, Mr. Cortez further stressed that it is better to over-estimate your load requirements than to under-report or under-estimate it.

Billing Deposits will spell more troubles when condo associations get the refund and building residents don’t get them

Can the Error be corrected?
Mr. Cortez says that Meralco will now be applying corrective measures so that their customers won’t be needing any surprises in the future regarding this Billing Deposit.

So for now, he insists, that a customer can ask for a payment plan – if the amount is too high – by visiting their nearest Meralco Business Center.

Paying Billing Deposit is a first for any one and he says this is the first time Meralco is asking customers to pay for what the electric company is compensating in the electrical load amount you are receiving. Billing ‘Deposit’  according to Mr. Cortez is not a penalty for paying your bills late. It is the translated amount (in pesos) for the load of electricity your residence required compared to the initial load requirement you submitted to Meralco.

It is a good lesson to learn from and if you’re a business owner requiring help, please go to your nearest Meralco business center at 8 AM and ask to be directed to the Customer Welfare Office to speak to their representatives regarding payment plans to your Billing Deposit.

By the way, if you’re a Condo Owner and you don’t pay your utilities directly to Meralco, you should read this and know how you can do something about it.

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