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What Selfiest City Means To The World of Social Media

(This is part two of my analysis on time.com’s latest studies on Instagram and the signs are encouraging)

Vanity aside, Filipinos are getting more engaged in the online space. Time.com’s recent article on ‘Selfiest City in the World’ proved that and the notion that we, as a nation, are more aware and familiar with the use of technology, hashtags, and even the so-called geo-tag location says that we are about to join the ranks of first world countries who are fully engaged in social media.

This was all made possible — and not so surprising — if you know that 1/3 of the country’s population is between the ages of 10-24 or 30 Million of them who are either fairly engaged or are fully engaged on the internet and we’re about to hit 100 Million by as early as June this year.

Time.com showed that Makati, Pasig, Cebu, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, and Iloilo are the number one spots where #selfies are made. This is not surprising considering that these cities are part of the Top tier BPO centers in the country. It is safe to say that the youth employed by the call centers agencies are active in taking photos and conscious enough to tag their photos with #selfies, which allowed time.com to gather those data.

It was also interesting enough to know that many of those who tagged their photos have set up their phones in GPS mode allowing the magazine to identify their location and be included in their survey.

Accessibility is another key in the growing population of Filipinos connecting to the web. Cherry Mobile, O Plus, Starmobile, and myPhone lead the pack in the most affordable hardware to connect to the internet. For as low as PhP1,300 (US$28), a user can already use his/her Android-powered phone to check their Facebook profiles and post photos on the Internet.

Piso for five hours of Instagram? No wonder!
Piso for five hours of Instagram? No wonder!

Smart has been very helpful in making more Filipinos connected through the internet. For one peso, Smart can connect any subscriber for five hours just by registering their SIM card via SMS. Really smart.

These information is just at the cusp of other data that we haven’t mined about Filipinos that should inspire more local businesses to engage our active youth market on the Internet. This channel has constantly been playing a vital role and businessmen should be on it today. Watch this video about Social Media and you’ll see how possible Filipinos can be creative in this arena and make this country great.


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Blink: My First Digital Marketing Seminar

“Sarap ng weekend!” I exclaimed and here’s why.

Since February last year I’ve endeavored on a journey that will compliment my learning in marketing. The college course that students used to know back then and perhaps today is very much different from the ones that will be used tomorrow. Actually, tomorrow is already here and the technology and concepts that will serve as vehicles for brands and businesses are continually being developed and studied by a steady, growing number of curious marketers in the industry – including me.

I’m currently studying Certified Digital Marketing Program through Internet Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) – Atieneo – E-Learning Edge. The Triumvirate team that have pioneered and developed learning modules locally for students who are eager to learn Digital Marketing. I’m about to finish my 13-subject program and hopefully graduate this coming August 2013 (or so I heard). The program affirmed what I already know about Social Media and allowed me to discover new, different, and cool applications that catch people’s attention.

Logic Solutions CEO Itamar Gero gives delegates case studies to better understand what Affiliate Marketing is all about
Logic Solutions CEO Itamar Gero gives delegates case studies to better understand what Affiliate Marketing is all about

And Digital Marketing in a Blink: Great Ideas Worth Executing or “Blink” organized by Fiera de Manila Philippines (FMI) was my first DM seminar I attended that tied up all the ‘learnings’ I gathered studying Digital Marketing. It was held at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City. The term BLINK was taken from Malcolm Gladwell‘s book, “Blink: the Power of thinking, without thinking”. It encapsulates the main idea behind FMI’s Digital Marketing seminar where everything happens in a whim or a spur of a second, a “blink”. And that’s why these Blink seminars are very important to the continued study of Digital Marketing because ideas zoom pass so many times and in so many ways that it should be studied fast. The Organizers promised that Blink seminars will happen either three times a year or even four times a year depending on intangible factors that evolve Digital Marketing as we know it.

Norelyn (back) intently listens to Media Contacts Philippines CEO Ed Mapa (foreground) answering delegates' questions
Norelyn (back) intently listens to Media Contacts Philippines CEO Ed Mapa (foreground) answering delegates’ questions

I couldn’t hide my excitement from Norelyn Babiera who even promised more explosive Blink seminars in months to come. In those two days, I learned how to enhance and practice my ideation and how to develop my story that will capture the brand’s message, essentially converting consumers into believers and in turn become the ‘evangelists’ of the brand it just got served. I also learned what Affiliate Programs are how Retarget Marketing can help recover potential customers who may have left your website. To top it all off, I realized how important and still much relevant Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how inbound marketing is claiming more ground in getting more customers to Buy-In to the brand. Tof Salcedo, SEO expert, taught the concluding part of the two-day seminar. He and the rest of the subject matter experts armed delegates with tools who are ready to do crazy battles in executing creative campaigns to the benefit of the consumers looking for new things on the web.

Thank you Norelyn for inviting me and making this time one of the most memorable, dynamic, and most explosive experiences of my professional life as a marketer. This BLINK seminar will not go away for those of you who plan to attend it next time. The world of Digital Marketing is ever-evolving so if you’re looking to understand more how Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter revolutionized the way people connect then this seminar is for you. Just make sure you don’t blink your eyes because every second in BLINK will give you a ton of tools you can readily use to your advantage and be the effective Digital Marketer you can be that this country needs.