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Fashion with Passion: DTI’s Indigenous Fair

The Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Sikat Pinoy National Fashion Fair in SM Megatrade Hall offered new treats I want to share. The exhibit promoted fashionable accessories, some garments, and the rest are indigenous food items from different parts of the Philippines. Taking up three halls of Megatrade, which is quite big, I managed to see all there is and we have few favorites.

Joy Gems

Handcrafted jewelry from Bicol. Their pieces are made of brass and stones that are all beautifully made with unique and limited designs. Peewee Benitez and his mom made the jewelry themselves. I can see the heart they put in each of the item they made. Such a talent.

The Lovehand Krafted Shop

I like how a simple ‘bayong’ turned into a cute and shabby chic look. Katherine hand painted them herself. She also does quilling out of buri in pretty bright colors.

Andrea’s Paper Beads

Beads made of glass, plastic, fabric, and pearls are surely nice when put together in a distinct design. But a bead made of paper to make a nice jewelry is just lovely and elegant.

Filipino Consumer


Do you remember those photo booths you see in parties like weddings, debuts, or corporate events? Now Philpost has done something like that, but better. For PhP250, you can have your personalized stamps with your picture on it. So when you send snail mail to family and friends abroad, they will see your personalized stamps. I like how the traditional mailing system comes up with a twist like this.

Filipino Consumer

DTI Representative from Baguio
DTI Representative from Baguio

If you want to see more of the Philippine products, go now to Megatrade and catch them today on their last day of exhibit.

I won my Case Versus a Service Provider

Protect yourself from erring service providers
Protect yourself from erring service providers

Who among you have tried to bring up a case against a manufacturer or a service provider but think it’s not all worth the fight?

I was facing a PhP16,000+ bill from a service provider of a brand name known well for their catchy vacuum cleaner jingle in the early 90s. Any way, I bought their washing machine in 2008. It was a durable machine, however, after the repair company diagnosed my appliance for repair they were asking for almost PhP17,000 after being silent since December 2012 when they took my appliance for diagnostics.

In between the stress of complaining there were much raised voices, frustration, and anxiety. I dared the service provider that I’ll haul them to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for grievances about their poor service. They dared back. A week and a half later, a provider representative and I were face to face in front of a DTI Mediator after I submitted three cases against them via email that included documents/proof of my claim.

I won my case after I presented my experiences and the documents that nack up my claim. It almost got to the next hearing, where the DTI would’ve ruled my complaint. The brand representative didn’t like it and saw how their brand and their affiliate will lose the case.

By the way, I also asked the brand representative to review their service providers because this partner they have is not worth their customers’ trouble!

The brand representative recognized my position and acknowledged a lot of flaws on their accredited provider. The brand also knows that if I win, I will not just drag the name of the service provider down but including the brand’s name as well.

This experience with DTI just proves that if you have a case and you have all the proof with you, it’s likely you’ll win the case but don’t stop there. Make sure the company you brought over for complaint write you and guarantee a better service experience next time.