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Happy Meal Box Makes a Comeback

The iconic Happy Meal packaging makes a 'jolly' comeback
The iconic Happy Meal packaging makes a ‘jolly’ comeback

Thankfully, McDonald’s brought back — albeit FINALLY! — the winsome Happy Meal Box packaging it’s always known for. We drove thru a in a nearby McDonald and got this sunny surprise that my wife (who was a McDonald’s crew at one time in her life) wondered not so long ago as I recall — why they would let go of this engaging packaging. I remember back in the 90s and even 80s when McDonald’s Crews usually handover Happy Meal boxes with enjoyable toys and fries inside, however, recently they would just give a tray, food, and a toy wrapped in a plastic. Not entirely magical if you ask me!

The box is unmistakably kiddie and it completes a kid’s happiness when they see their favorite thematic toys every time they buy a McDonald’s meal. So successful is this ‘ploy’ to have a toy in their order that it usually becomes enough reason to pass by McD’s to make my child’s day. In fact, it becomes a parent’s reward for their little one’s remarkable feat of obedience, excellence, and merit.

McDonald’s, you have a very good product in Happy Meal. I hope you won’t let go of this useful product and packaging because not only does it give happiness to my kid with all the free toys you give but because of the complete budget that makes it truly a Happy Meal for Daddy and Mommy too. Pa-para-pa-pa…Love ko’to!

My Five Ps on Jollibee’s new Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

All drenched but ready for my taste buds.

THIS JUST IN! Jollibee’s new product, Chicken and Mushroom Pasta, is now out in selected Metro Manila Jollibee stores! It got introduced last August 19 and it’s on a pilot run meaning the fast food chain is trying out if the public will like it and then release it in a full-blown campaign. My comments:

Portion, “Yun lang? (This is it?) was my initial thought. I was shown a plate with a “portion” of spaghetti in the middle. It’s definitely missing something. Hmmm.

For someone who has big appetite, this won't cut it.

Palette/Presentation, Taste is good with all the herbs and tomato sauce. You can taste the herbs that’s not so distinct in fastfood places so that’s a good thing. The noodles were cooked right – Al dente – that should be maintained. It’s also a tad spicy so it’s really made more for adults. I like it!

Pricing, At P55/order, it’s good.

Proposition, If the order comes with toasted bread, I think it would add more value and presentation to the new product. I also think that a bigger portion might be good even if I have to add P5.00 to it.

In terms of launch, I think Jollibee should launch it nationwide.

Plus!, You can ask your Jollibee crew for a bit more sauce and cheese at no additional cost. That’s even better.

Definitely tasty but it needs more work!

Overall, the experience was fair but in the age where you can add more value to a shrinking peso, anything to give back to the hard-working customer should be paramount in Jollibee or any food-service company. Bigger portion is much better and Jollibee can be sure that they will have more customers flocking in to their stores.

Watch out for this new product and you first knew about it here in BETTER CONSUMERS. Now, if you want to try it out go check out Jollibee in Shell Magallanes, Makati.

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