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Cheese That’s More than O.K.

What cheese do you normally use in your cooking or simply in your bread every morning? I grew up with Eden cheese and I love it. For me, there’s no other local cheese that can be any better than Eden.

Until I came across O.K. Cheese.

Its name is unassuming. The first time I saw it, it didn’t appeal to me or anything. It doesn’t have that ‘umph!’ that screams, ‘buy me and try me — I’m better’! But there was this one time that my husband actually bought it. Still not convinced though, I just let it sit in the fridge for the longest time. And when I finally decided to try it, it surprised me. I looked at the label again to make sure that it was O.K. Cheese that I just used for my Garlic Tomato Crepe.

No joke. It's more than OK!
No joke. It’s more than OK!

It was good. Actually it was really good. Much like my normal cheese but little better with a good balance of flavor. For its price of less than Php80 I got a very good cheese food that’s perfect for my cooking and my son’s plain bread.

So whenever I go to the grocery, it’s now “O.K.!” in my cart.



What Happened to Sandwich Guy?

Me and my wife ate at Sandwich Guy, SM Megamall branch yesterday after a long time. I was shedding more pounds because of a need but I didn’t know that the deli kiosk will also be shedding their quality.
I ordered their Tuna sandwich and my wife, Mushy Bacon sandwich, my son, Pasta Carbonara. My verdict:
Tuna Sandwich: Thin filling, more of the sandwich, less of the meat
Pasta Carbonara: Thin sauce, more pasta
Mushy Bacon: Better but with the disappointing two I ordered, this didn’t weigh much good points for me.
What happened to Sandwich Guy? When I discovered this place, I thought Subway will close for good because of the fat filling it gives its customers. To experience this from a place that built so much reputation on being a worthy challenger to any other Deli in our market today, I’d say it was disappointing and to think their prices were lesser before and more affordable than today – I, the customer, should be given/receive the same quality of meal that I paid for.

What is Halal?

Check for these seals to make sure you get only the Hala products you want

Halal is the dietary law implemented in the Muslim faith of Islam. You see this word Halal or it’s symbol/logo in some food products you buy from your favorite supermarket or grocery.

For a food item to be Halal, it has to go through a strict process of quality control, making sure it is not “contaminated” with other elements deemed ‘Haram’  (meaning non-permissible). Haram foods that are forbidden in the Muslim faith are pork, some seafood items, and alcohol. So if Halal food products touched, prepared with, or cooked with pork fat, alcohol, or even some seafood items fails the process.

It is also important to know where and how meat and poultry products are prepared. Only authorized Halal butchers can prepare meat items that will be considered for this process. Look for the Halal seal of quality for those who want to make sure they’re getting what they’re looking for.

For more information about Halal, click here.