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Epson Having Problems With Ink Supply?

Does any body here own an EPSON printer?

Do you own an EPSON TX110 printer model?

Did you know that with this EPSON 3-in-1 printer model you can use two types of printer inks for this printer model so it can help you with your budget?

FC Epson Ink Cartridges 91N CyanDid you know that EPSON discontinued selling 91N ink cartridges, the one that is more affordable?

Did you notice that after two years the EPSON ink cartridges you buy for so much seems to produce so little now than they used to, producing lesser outputs than they used to when they introduced it?

Did you know that the EPSON printer won’t work if one (out of four cartridges) cartridge is missing?

Did you know that the remaining ink cartridge model 73N Black Ink is not available in popular stores like Silicon Valley and other stores in Metro Manila malls for about two months now we’re told?

No black ink, no work done.
No black ink, no work done.

Did you know that the missing Black Ink will make my printer obsolete and even dry up the other ink cartridges left in the storage and therefore kill my investment in this printer they’re selling?

What’s up EPSON? Where’s my black ink?

You know what you built so how come you’re not selling black inks any more for TX110 Epson model?

Are you an EPSON user?

Do you have the same experience?

Post down below and share us your sentiments.

Epson: Long on Sucess but Short On…

Epson Ink CartridgesAre you an Epson color-printer user? Have you ever noticed how fast your ink cartridge runs out even though you haven’t printed enough color work from these cassettes? Each charge cost around PhP450 x 4 cartridges = Pain in the wallet.

Back in 2007 when my wife and I were preparing for our wedding day, we made our entire 150+ invitations out of an Epson Photo Stylus Printer.  I only used up three to four cartridges per color. We printed the invites, the name cards, personalized wedding vows, and signboards, however, I only printed no more than fifteen letter-size color outputs from these cartridges using my Epson Stylus TX110.

Are you a long-time Epson printer user? Have you noticed the same drop in the number of outputs? Do you notice how fast the ink cartridges fall to its empty levels after applying a printer head cleaning round? What’s your insight?

Epson needs to know because buying ink cartridges is no joke.