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Hey Mister, try Some new Donuts!

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There is this new Mister Donut in Greenfields District that I wanted to try for the longest time. So this afternoon my husband Kris and I finally checked it out.

I took my sweet time choosing which donut is good. As a habit I always ask for the best seller and I was told that I should try All Chocolate Pon-De-Ring.

It pays to know which one is best but of course I always decide which one I want to try so I got the White Chocolate with Almond. I wanted to pair it with hot chocolate but it’s not available.  So I ordered brewed coffee instead, but then decide that Kris can just have it with his Cinnamon Do-ssant. I’m not big on coffee that’s why.

I liked how those bite-size balls come in clusters and I love that it’s chewy.

Its sweetness is just right and perfect with brewed coffee. The ‘Do-ssant’ Kris ordered was Bavarian-filled and served warm. He was not a fan of Bavarian but said it was good nonetheless.

What made our trip to Mister Donut a little sweeter is Corr, their crew/cashier. She smiles all the time and that’s one thing I always consider.

In fact, she was the reason I opted to stay even though they don’t have hot cocoa. Business owners must realize how valuable customer service is when it comes to pleasing customers. It is the kind of relationship that keeps business afloat despite some shortcomings that may occur. May Corr’s tribe increase.


Coco Quench is no Coconut Drink

“What’s this?!” I blurted out defiantly. It was my first expression when I tried this drink my wife gave me.

Is this the “in” thing when it comes to Coconut juice (the ones you see Madonna was drinking)? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Unfortunately, Tropicana’s Coco Quench doesn’t come even close in trying to taste like Coconut juice. It’s one of those drinks that tastes so awful that you go right to the label to see what the ingredients are. It’s that bad! The ingredients lists “Coconut Water, Reconstituted Coconut Water, Sugar, Sodium Metabisulfite”

I found out that “Reconstituted Coconut Water” or any reconstituted juice doesn’t contain any vitamins because it goes through a process called reduction. Water is greatly reduced so it can be transported easily where it will go through hydration process and be packed and sold. The problem in reduction is that it goes through fire and heat. This way, you lose a lot of the fruit’s nutrients. So the only nutrition I get from this is Sugar. Yech!

Now, Sodium Metabisulfite on the other hand is a preservative so the juice won’t easily expire. It’s artificial and it’s chemically made. Blech!

So what about the Coconut Water? I don’t know how much Coconut Water is put in but if you drink Coconut Juice – Coco Quench doesn’t come even close to the original. It’s like a bad crossover between cow’s milk and some gassy water.

Conclusion: If I’m going to use my PhP30.00 to buy Coconut Juice, I’d just buy the ones being sold in Malls where you can see ’em break it and serve you the real thing. By the way, if you’re going to buy Coconut Juice – better ask how long they’ve been in the container because Coconut Juice shouldn’t be aged more than four hours from the time it was taken out of the husk. You can tell this by the “acidic” taste and feel in your mouth.

Side Note: Pepsi Philippines, I don’t want to sound mean to your new product – and I know this is a good effort – but an August 2011 article made by Huffington Post suggests that Coconut Water health claims is not what it seems to be. My personal concern – if you heed this advice – is that you improve the taste if you want to mask the ingredients of the label. I am serious when I say, the taste is insulting to what real Coconut Juices tastes like. I’d be doing more disservice to our country’s Coconut Industry if I don’t tell you what this product should be in the first place.