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Shakey’s: Tragedy While Using ‘Supercard’

New Loyalty Card, new deals
New Loyalty Card, new deals

Shakey’s Shaw-Kapitolyo blew whatever good experience I’ve had while on a dinner date with my wife. The management crew and staff withheld me from paying my bill just because my Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard data shows that it was expired in “January 2014”. The loyalty card is supposed to give me 10% discount on most of their items on their menu and I even wrote about it after I renewed it just in December 2013!

I argued with our server, “Why hold me? Isn’t that your internal problem? Just have me pay my bill and you guys settle this matter with whoever is encoding your data.”

I really got upset after my server — still without the bill — said her manager is already calling their 500 Shaw branch, which is about a couple of kilometers away from where I was. I said, “That’s not right. You’re holding me up for something that I didn’t cause. You have my expired one, which I showed you. It says July 2013. So why hold me up for something clearly not my fault? You’re not giving away free meal. You’re just giving me 10% discount and I paid for the renewal of the supercard!”

I called the manager’s attention and asked if such procedure was normal: the feeling that either: One, the customer is showing a bogus/fake card or Two, they will not honor my 10% discount because the expiration date of the card is January 2014 — either way, is not a good option and wrong. The manager apologized but couldn’t explain why they did what they did. It seems like the concept of ‘customer is always right’ took a nose dive that night.

Shakey’s we love your new image but please do something about your customer service. I know you can do better than this: Customers are people not wallets.

‘Priviledged’ to be a Shakey’s SuperCard Holder

New Loyalty Card, new deals
New Loyalty Card, new deals

Here’s one treat I think is worth the deal, if you’re a pizza lover or your company loves throwing pizza treats then it might be good to get Shakey’s ‘Pizzanatic Supercard’. Get one regular-flavored pizza when you buy any other Large or Party-size pizza absolutely free. On top of that, cardholders will also get 10% discount for every purchase of regular-priced items in their menu.  The card cost only, PhP399.00 and you get redeemable points to, which is converted to cash on every 100-peso purchase you make even on your first use!

Just last year my wife and I were able to take advantage of the discounts for at least three times. That means each time we bought Shaley’s pizza we get equal or more value all for using the card.  It’s a deal worth considering because having pizza parties at home to create stronger friendships with others is the best treat you can ever get. I know because this is my first renewal and my second time to get the card. Grab your Pizzanatic Supercard today and enjoy the benefits immediately.

*Not paid post. Account is all first-hand experience of the author.