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GrabTaxi Seizes ‘Apportunity’


The newest way to hail cabs
The newest way to hail cabs

GrabTaxi is the newest app for your smartphone and tablet. The app lets you conveniently get a taxi in the fastest time possible and in the most ‘unholiest hours’ of the day – rush hours.

Operationally, how does it work?

Taxi Operators signs up with GrabTaxi for accreditation. Once authorized they show up in your app. There are about a hundred taxi operators with fleets of a hundred and more cars for public service. These taxis ply their

regular routes and once they’re free and they’re within your three kilometer spot, they respond back and all you need to do is to choose which of the available cabs you can avail immediately according to the time you want them to arrive.

The Highs — Having GrabTaxi spells convenience for those looking for transportation when it’s tough to get one during rush hours. It’s also favorable for commuters during rainy seasons when you can’t even go to your street corner and hail one for yourself. It’s also advantageous for those living. (b) Even without a smartphone you can still contact them and get your taxi, just call 642-3525; 641-4532; 640-2318; or txt 0939-1533495; 0927-8384833 for pickups. (c) Security and Safety – all accredited GrabTaxis are registered cabs that should maintain their unparalleled customer service


The techie taxi drivers of Metro Manila
The techie taxi drivers of Metro Manila

The Lows — (a) GrabTaxi though is asking for PhP70.00 service charge/booking fee and this is how the developer company gets its income by charging commissions from Taxi Operators at the end of every month. (b) Bidding, when there’s no chance any driver will pick you up, you can bid for a driver to come pick you up. We’re not used to this kind of practice and it’s usually frowned upon because drivers lose their integrity because such exercise is deemed as Bribery. (c) Location. The service is only available in the National Capital Region (NCR) and would probably be available in Baguio, Metro Cebu, and Metro Davao in much later months in 2014 and 2015.

Overall, the concept GrabTaxi app is offering is still growing and surely they’re making more people use the app by lowering booking fees: Globe Telecomm post-paid subscribers get booking for free so that’s a plus. So we’ll see if people will prefer this way of hailing cabs or the traditional one during the holidays. It’s an acid test indeed for the Malaysian-born app and we’ll see how it fares after this season.

I haven’t tried GrabTaxi myself because I drive my own car but if there’s a group of two or three, using this app the cost of paying the booking fee would be much worth it considering the hassles of hailing cabs during very busy times.

Do you have questions? Get your answers in GrabTaxi’s frequently asked questions.
GrabTaxi Philippines, 2nd Floor Loyola Plans Building, 849 A. Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
+63 (2) 8450943



San Miguel Goes Mobile in 2014

SanMig Mobile? Mahaba-habang kuwentuhan ito.
SanMig Mobile? Mahaba-habang kuwentuhan ito.

Are we ready for another mobile telecommunications company like San Miguel? Do we really need another one? Would they be better than the current competition? These questions and more seems to be all yes for San Miguel as it informed the Philippine Stock Exchange of its intention to go against mobile phone giants Smart Communications and Globe Communications.

San Miguel seems to know something that the other wireless giants don’t and the company is banking on those answers when it offers their services to the public in 2014. It will be a huge investment because most of the wireless back ends or the mobile towers that provide signal to phone companies are operated and owned by Smart’s subsidiary PLDT.

And PLDT is putting up a fight even in pockets of areas where San Miguel is testing out the waters. Just in July, PLDT tried to block San Miguel’s Wi-Tribe in setting up telecommunication facilities saying it is an “unnecessary duplication of facilities”. Wi-Tribe will not be the brand San Miguel intends to launch so speculation is up whether the Beer giant will tap to some of its telecommunications portfolio like Bell Telecommunications, Liberty Telecommunications or Vega Telecommunications. San Miguel is determined to enter the scene but consumers want better services and more affordable rates since the country is the lowest in terms of smartphone penetration this year according to Nielsen. Something all of the wireless mobile phone players should take seriously if it wants to be taken seriously by a growing market of Smartphone users.


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