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Microsoft Ultrabook: A ‘Surface’ to ‘Air’ Missile?

Microsoft unveiled its new product that is part tablet-part laptop that critics call is actually more of an Ultrabook than a tablet. The 10-inch variety from Microsoft features a very intriguing look. One catch and you get hooked.

Microsoft Surface’s intriguing and interesting proposal

Interested, I researched what this product could do and found out a several sleek things it can do. First, it’s an Ultrabook, which is far more thinner than your usual laptop. It depletes power lower so you can use it in longer hours. It runs on Windows 8 PRO, an operating system that features a whole new interface system that can give other operating systems a run for its money. The screen is Full High-Definition (HD), which gives viewing a more vibrant, colorful experience. Second, you can detach the colorful keyboard accessory and turn your laptop into a tablet-PC. The reviews I read said you wouldn’t have to worry about transforming your MS Surface gadget into a tablet because it works fast and intelligent. The last and awesome thing Microsoft Surface could do is to make all your Windows-running App (software) “runnable” without buying a new license. For example: If you bought an Adobe Creative Suite package on a PC, you can install and use the same application on this new device without violating any piracy laws! Isn’t that amazing? Windows has about 4 Million apps ready at its disposable giving Android app developers more problems. It is by far the most compelling thing PC users (and former PC users)  can enjoy when they get their hands on to this new gadget.

Unfortunately, this new ‘candy’ is not available in the market yet. It will release, according to sites I read, in the fourth quarter of this year. Would it be in time for Christmas? You bet. It’s the most sensible thing Microsoft aims to do. And it will give Apple’s MacBook Air quite a challenge considering that this new computer model is creating a sizable buzz and it continues to build so much that Apple may not like the sting of Microsoft’s bee.

Microsoft is not just going to the bank laughing but I dare say that it could be the weapon that could dent – if not ‘kill’ – MacBook’s Air model if they don’t shape up and develop something more to wrestle the consumer’s Christmas budget. The Surface is definitely new in the market and it boast a lot of weaponry that leads me to say it could potentially be the ‘Surface’ to ‘Air’ Missile Apple doesn’t want to see burn their product goodbye.

Microsoft Surface’s Product Specs | Microsoft Surface (Wikipedia) |

Five Reasons why I Chose Samsung, Huawei over Apple’s iPad

I think this post can help you decide what next-tech gadget you will buy

Thinking about buying the latest iPad? Are you thinking twice? Rumors have it that an iPhone 5 is coming out in September. Why suffer anxiety? It’s not worth it and feel guilty at the same time. Gadgets are supposed to operate life easier (if not complicated!) and getting one should not be complicated – if you do your research.

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus even after an office-full of peers are telling me to buy an iPad. What’s with all the fad? The fuss? The pressure?

It took me three months to think and weigh my options and I have five reasons to share why an Android tablet is better for me (Note: Based on a typical lower, middle-class, Filipino, urban professional, family man like me) :

  1. Very handy/Security – iPad’s 10-inch screen is just too big for me to grasp. Add the aluminum body and that makes it more difficult for me to secure it with one hand. Buy a casing for it? An iPad case would probably cost me about Php2,500.00 (US$50 = Php43-US$1).  Note: A 7-inch Galaxy Tab or MediaPad, however, would fit my belt bag fine. A case would cost me Php1,800 if I want one. Otherwise, my hand could easily grip it)
  2. It’s Google/Android – What can I say? Google is Android is Google, which means I have this security that all my addresses will sync with my Gmail contacts. Yes, Apple can connect with Google but not as automatic when you own an Android. Peace of mind, I tell yah. By the way, did I mention compatibility with Google Documents too? (Note: With a large community of Android users, more apps and more ideas can crop up that can make user-experience better!)
  3. Price – Why spend Php27,000 (US$629) when today’s gadget gets antiquated after two years? I’m more comfortable shelling out Php23,000 (or lower at times!) without having to worry if it gets old in three years. I’ll be more than happy it will reach more than three years before I buy a new tablet.
  4. Features – All of Samsung’s and Huawei’s 7-inch ‘pads are 3G-ready, SD Card-ready, and has this killer function called, “Swype” that Apple is trying to replicate. Yes, iPhone 4s has Siri but if you don’t have a western accent then Siri doesn’t know you. Sad.
  5. Variety – so many brands to choose from: Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Acer’s Iconia, Asus’ Eee, and a lot more others.

Bottomline: Practically speaking, if your ending salary (net of your monthly commitments and bills) is thirty grand (US$700), buy an iPad (4G version). Me? I need not look further. I checked my loved ones, I checked my wallet, and I checked out my pride. If my reason is to just get on the bandwagon, then I should ask what else I can do with my Php27,000? Heck, I could probably wait for a little longer and get myself to the fifty thousand mark. By then it wouldn’t hurt to get a gadget with that price without denting my savings that much.

I chose not to ride the bandwagon. I checked my lifestyle and realized if a tablet is for me because a Notebook, a Laptop, or even a startup Smartphone would do just fine – for now.

Huawei 3G tablets have landed!

Fits snuggly in one hand

Just when I thought I got the best tablet in town when Huawei just dropped in – albeit a week later after I bought my 7″ plus Samsung Galaxy tab – to launch its best 7-inch tablet to challenge Samsung Galaxy’s 7.0 Plus tablet. This is not the touted iPad challenger but at only Php19,990 a pop, this device is touted to give Samsung a lot of challenge. It’s body is 10.5mm thick only but it brandishes an aluminum unibody (back cover) that only a much more expensive 7.7” Samsung tablet can achieve. It runs fast with a Dual-core 1.2GHz processor and a 1 Gb RAM. It’s camera is a good 5 megapixel size while Samsung’s resolution comes up to 3.2 megapixel.

But wait…what’s Huawei? Who’s Huawei? Huawei is a Chinese company that’s made its mark in the recently held Mobile World Congress in Madrid, Spain. It’s new products, the Mediapad 10 FHD (Full High Definition) and Huawei Ascend D Quad made a debut in that event that pundits said will give The New iPad a run for its money because of its form, function, and processor speed. It’s Smartphone products are now making waves in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

This 7-inch Huawei device is only available at flagship MemoXpress stores in SM North EDSA and Megamall. It’s price is not a promo fit (does not expire) but as soon as stocks are available only. The device is so good, I’m willing to trade off my Php23,990 Samsung for Php20,000 just to be able to buy this new device (That’s almost Php4,000 discount).

Memoxpress is the exclusive distributor

I bought my device March 27 only and it’s in solid condition.

If you’re a Samsung-lover, then grab the chance and get my new toy for that much discount. By the way, did I say that the price comes with a Php3,000-value Capdase screen protector and leather case? So I don’t know what you should be waiting for. Drop me a comment and I’ll get in touch with you. First come, first served basis!