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Coming Soon: Wireless Electricity for Your Home

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Wireless electricity will be coming to our shores in the very near future. That is if our government agencies will embrace this technology today.

The technology is called highly resonant wireless power transfer and the Inventors uses the same principle as to what we use today in our cooking, Induction Cooking. Induction uses magnets to create energy and in this invention, instead of releasing heat, it produces electricity because of a receiver that induces electricity that powers our every day gadgets and appliances.

a single power source that can charge all your lights, appliances, and even cars - wirelessly!
a single power source that can charge all your lights, appliances, and even cars – wirelessly!

The idea is to create a single source of electricity and eliminate any outlets in the house or any wirings that could trip you or harm your kids in the process of discovery. The transmitter emits magnetic waves so this is not harmful to human or to pets in the house. It’s actually going to be revolutionary because it will mean huge savings for people building new homes in the future.

Witricity, the founder of the technology, are busy studying how this could be used to power different appliances in the house that requires more wattage and how it could send varying charges needed to power cars or refrigerators. Dr. Katie Hall, CTO of Witricity, expects to complete their study by 2016.

Read here how it works.

Exciting developments as we will soon see a more clutter-free home that moms and geeks would love in the very near future.

Demo Illustration – http://www.lockergnome.net

Under 13 Mins: Google Glass Explained

Here’s a good video review I saw on YouTube that demonstrates what Google Glass is. Tim Schofield, demonstrating Google Glass 2.0 (Explorer or Experimental version) will give you a close encounter on this new form factor that will change the way we view our digital world. Form factors are usually the hardware we use to operate our operating systems other than our smartphones and tablets. No longer will we need our phones to take pictures, record videos, or search maps, Google Glass will do it for you. Google Glass will run with more features tethered on your communication gadgets. Watch and tell us how much you’re willing to pay for such a gadget, Google touts would cost around US$1,200 a pop. Enjoy the video and get ready for new gadgets to come. Much thanks to Tim Schofield.



credits: ZEO221 (picture)

Microsoft Ultrabook: A ‘Surface’ to ‘Air’ Missile?

Microsoft unveiled its new product that is part tablet-part laptop that critics call is actually more of an Ultrabook than a tablet. The 10-inch variety from Microsoft features a very intriguing look. One catch and you get hooked.

Microsoft Surface’s intriguing and interesting proposal

Interested, I researched what this product could do and found out a several sleek things it can do. First, it’s an Ultrabook, which is far more thinner than your usual laptop. It depletes power lower so you can use it in longer hours. It runs on Windows 8 PRO, an operating system that features a whole new interface system that can give other operating systems a run for its money. The screen is Full High-Definition (HD), which gives viewing a more vibrant, colorful experience. Second, you can detach the colorful keyboard accessory and turn your laptop into a tablet-PC. The reviews I read said you wouldn’t have to worry about transforming your MS Surface gadget into a tablet because it works fast and intelligent. The last and awesome thing Microsoft Surface could do is to make all your Windows-running App (software) “runnable” without buying a new license. For example: If you bought an Adobe Creative Suite package on a PC, you can install and use the same application on this new device without violating any piracy laws! Isn’t that amazing? Windows has about 4 Million apps ready at its disposable giving Android app developers more problems. It is by far the most compelling thing PC users (and former PC users)  can enjoy when they get their hands on to this new gadget.

Unfortunately, this new ‘candy’ is not available in the market yet. It will release, according to sites I read, in the fourth quarter of this year. Would it be in time for Christmas? You bet. It’s the most sensible thing Microsoft aims to do. And it will give Apple’s MacBook Air quite a challenge considering that this new computer model is creating a sizable buzz and it continues to build so much that Apple may not like the sting of Microsoft’s bee.

Microsoft is not just going to the bank laughing but I dare say that it could be the weapon that could dent – if not ‘kill’ – MacBook’s Air model if they don’t shape up and develop something more to wrestle the consumer’s Christmas budget. The Surface is definitely new in the market and it boast a lot of weaponry that leads me to say it could potentially be the ‘Surface’ to ‘Air’ Missile Apple doesn’t want to see burn their product goodbye.

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