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A ‘Solution’ to Save More on Lens Cleaners

Why spend more when there are affordable solutions for your eye care
Why spend more when there are affordable solutions for your eye care

If you wear contact lenses like I do and you want to cut down expenses in contact lens solutions then spend only PhP95.00 (US$2.16) and buy Lens Care. This is locally manufactured and it works completely the same as any of the imported brands of contact lens cleaners you get from boutique shops and stores in malls.

Put more money in your pockets and head off to Mercury Drug to buy this today. By the way, as for your savings — add it to your savings. You can probably save as little as PhP400 a year by switching to this.

Meralco Announces Staggered Payment of Utilities This December BUT…


It's a pain how much we have to pay this month
It’s a pain how much we have to pay this month

Meralco said today that the full implementation of their electricity rate hike of PhP3.44/KWh this December won’t be felt this month — rather it will take in staggered payment forms but don’t jump for joy just yet because the petition has yet to be approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission that approves those kinds of arrangements but I think this is just formality.

New in the Market would still want our loyal readers to take the high road and be wise in using this utility. Why pay more even if you will do this in staggered payments? We encourage our dear readers to still try to reduce use of your electricity and elect to pay less in the coming months.

We have come up with different solutions you can do (albeit with some sacrifices) to regulate consumption of your home electricity. Stop regretting tomorrow and read our tips and save on cost today.


10+ Ways to Reduce Cost of Electricity Bills

It's a pain how much we have to pay this month
It’s a pain how much we have to pay this month

Meralco has said it. They’ll raise electricity rates by as much as (or even more!) PhP3.00 in December 2013. This is to give way to mandatory maintenance of the Malampaya Natural Gas Power Plant that helps run turbines that create electricity. Tips to reduce cost of your monthly electricity bills:

• Defrost your refrigerator if you haven’t for months on end
• Declutter your refrigerator, trash unwanted food, put dry food in one container, don’t stuff you ref for better cold circulation
• Plan your food better and open your ref methodically every time

Hot and Cold
• If you have heated water dispenser, unplug it this month, use percolator
• Maximize use of freshly cooked rice, heat leftover food using rice cooker
• Use shower heaters sparingly this month. If you have time, warm up by doing some calisthenics.
• Get a Coleman cooler to cool and store drinks in it. Buying ice is cheaper than paying electricity this month, believe me.

Power Strips make it easier to "unplug" unused appliances
Power Strips make it easier to “unplug” unused appliances

Power Outlets
• Charge your phones in the morning, avoid wasting energy once your phones are charged
• Unplug any appliances you’re not using like turned off television, stereos, electric fans, A/Cs, and more

Air Condition Units
• Use your Aircon’s timer. I run it for two hours only. The weather’s cold any way
• Use electric fans instead of A/Cs
• For parents, invite your kids to your room and sleep there to save on A/C power
• It’s colder these days, open windows if possible and don’t use the A/C
• Clean the filter of your air-conditioner

I have no illusions that some of these tips are easy. In fact, it’s hard to some of you. It’s not your normal way of doing things and it requires an amount of effort. To some, it’s a way of changing lifestyle, however, this is an opportunity to put more money in our pockets for better use tomorrow.

If you will do these tips, please share with us your experience what you benefited from it. Have a nice day.



Five Reasons why I Chose Samsung, Huawei over Apple’s iPad

I think this post can help you decide what next-tech gadget you will buy

Thinking about buying the latest iPad? Are you thinking twice? Rumors have it that an iPhone 5 is coming out in September. Why suffer anxiety? It’s not worth it and feel guilty at the same time. Gadgets are supposed to operate life easier (if not complicated!) and getting one should not be complicated – if you do your research.

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus even after an office-full of peers are telling me to buy an iPad. What’s with all the fad? The fuss? The pressure?

It took me three months to think and weigh my options and I have five reasons to share why an Android tablet is better for me (Note: Based on a typical lower, middle-class, Filipino, urban professional, family man like me) :

  1. Very handy/Security – iPad’s 10-inch screen is just too big for me to grasp. Add the aluminum body and that makes it more difficult for me to secure it with one hand. Buy a casing for it? An iPad case would probably cost me about Php2,500.00 (US$50 = Php43-US$1).  Note: A 7-inch Galaxy Tab or MediaPad, however, would fit my belt bag fine. A case would cost me Php1,800 if I want one. Otherwise, my hand could easily grip it)
  2. It’s Google/Android – What can I say? Google is Android is Google, which means I have this security that all my addresses will sync with my Gmail contacts. Yes, Apple can connect with Google but not as automatic when you own an Android. Peace of mind, I tell yah. By the way, did I mention compatibility with Google Documents too? (Note: With a large community of Android users, more apps and more ideas can crop up that can make user-experience better!)
  3. Price – Why spend Php27,000 (US$629) when today’s gadget gets antiquated after two years? I’m more comfortable shelling out Php23,000 (or lower at times!) without having to worry if it gets old in three years. I’ll be more than happy it will reach more than three years before I buy a new tablet.
  4. Features – All of Samsung’s and Huawei’s 7-inch ‘pads are 3G-ready, SD Card-ready, and has this killer function called, “Swype” that Apple is trying to replicate. Yes, iPhone 4s has Siri but if you don’t have a western accent then Siri doesn’t know you. Sad.
  5. Variety – so many brands to choose from: Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Acer’s Iconia, Asus’ Eee, and a lot more others.

Bottomline: Practically speaking, if your ending salary (net of your monthly commitments and bills) is thirty grand (US$700), buy an iPad (4G version). Me? I need not look further. I checked my loved ones, I checked my wallet, and I checked out my pride. If my reason is to just get on the bandwagon, then I should ask what else I can do with my Php27,000? Heck, I could probably wait for a little longer and get myself to the fifty thousand mark. By then it wouldn’t hurt to get a gadget with that price without denting my savings that much.

I chose not to ride the bandwagon. I checked my lifestyle and realized if a tablet is for me because a Notebook, a Laptop, or even a startup Smartphone would do just fine – for now.

Three Energy-Saving Tips you can do

BE BETTER CONSUMERS and do these practical suggestions (and TIPS!) that will help you save more money on electricity. It’s not the ULTIMATE list of hints BUT it’s something easy and you can do.

  1. GET the HABIT of UNPLUGGING UNUSED appliances in your home.

    I can easily reach down on this than trying to reach behind appliances.
    1. TIP: INVEST in power strips to help you turn off unused appliances all at the same time OR without bending too much NOR reaching behind hard to access places. Easily (albeit, discreetly) install these behind your television, counter-tops or on walls for faster access.
  2. PLAN your meals and COOK them all at the SAME TIME. Why? It takes more
    Induction stoves/cooker heats food WAY faster than gas stove

    energy to heat the coils of your electric stove.

    1. Tip: SAVE UP to buy Induction-powered stoves (Have SM Appliance Stores or Automatic Centers give you a demo) that heats induction-type pots and pans in ten seconds – GUARANTEED! They’re more pricey (that’s why I said, SAVE UP!) but it’ll save you more money in the long-run.
  3. MAXIMIZE the use of your refrigerator with these tips:

    Maximize the power of your refrigerator.
    1. COOL cooked food before putting them inside your refrigerator
    2. KEEP YOUR refrigerator at a CAPACITY or a much items as you can. Over capacity wastes energy when cool air cannot circulate or when it doesn’t cool any item (under-capacity) at all.
    3. COVER (Read: SEAL) any liquid container inside your refrigerator. The water’s evaporation makes the fridge work harder.

THE ENERGY REGULATORY COMMISSION (ERC) approved Manila Electric Company’s (MERALCO) rate petition of 8 cents this month of August (2011). I read that this was WAY LOWER than what the Lopez-owned company’s request is.

We need to realize that the price of this basic commodity will always go up because of the public’s demand for electricity and we don’t use alternative or renewable forms of energy (like solar or wind-generated power). So if our government and private sectors do not do their job to keep our national and personal economy at bay then prepare to shell out more.