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Wireless N Answers my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Problem

And so my problem was solved as soon as I replaced our Wireless G router with the (new) Wireless N router to connect our Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus to our home network. I bought the D-Link brand (DI-600) that replaced our old D-Link (DI-524) Wireless G router. The difference between the two, I was told, aside from the “N” and “D” labelings is the “N’s” stronger frequency signal (*and some other good stuff only nerder geeks would know – by the way, that’s a compliment).

How did I figure it out? It’s not simple but I finally put steps in my analyses:

  1. Samsung Service Center’s (SM Megamall) Arnel said that they’ve never experienced the problem I was experiencing. He gave the most radical/uncommon answer (in Filipino), “Ser, try ninyong bumili ng Wireless N router. Baka hindi kaya ng Wireless G router yung problema sa tablet nyo (Sir, try buying a Wireless N router. The connection problem with your tablet is probably with your Wireless G perhaps).”
  2. I am also guessing that malls and shops I was able to connect my Samsung Tab to were probably using Wireless N routers. Remember, you need a more powerful router to connect wireless devices to the internet.
  3. This research I made turn out that my Samsung Tab is Wireless N ready.

It was nerve-wracking to spend about US$40 for a router we do not need but it’s the only “answer” I have. After buying the router at a nearby Silicon Valley store, I was able to finally connect our two Samsung Galaxy Tabs, our iMac, and our Toshiba Windows 7 notebook without a hitch.

So there goes your “un-techie” answer to those who are having home network connection problems with their newly bought Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus device. The problem is with the router – not with your Galaxy Tab.

Could a Wireless N router fix my Galaxy Tab-internet problem?

Could a Wireless N router fix all my connection problems my Galaxy Tab (v. 7.0 Plus) is experiencing? It seems weird but that’s what technicians at the Samsung Service Center in SM Megamall are pointing to.

Here’s my home Setup while experiencing this problem:
– (2008) D-Link Wireless G router
– My setting: WPA-PSK mode

All my wireless devices are connecting with this setup (iMac, Toshiba Notebook (Windows 7.0), MacBook Pro, MacBook, Huawei Ideos, etc) except for my Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I was able to connect only when I tinkered with my router and used a WEP setting. What’s up with that?

I read here in this review…
Ref: http://www.bestpricesreview.net/samsung-galaxy-tab-7-0-plus-review/
…that Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 has a built-in Wireless N capability.

Could that be the key I’m looking for? Do any of you have this problem too?

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