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Today’s Phones and Plans for Filipinos

Talk is Cheap and I mean that figuratively and literally.

Stay connected all-day  for just 5 pesos with Smart's Piso App
Stay connected all-day for just 5 pesos with Smart’s Piso App

Did you know you can surf the internet now for as low as 1 peso? That’s five hours of web surfing time that translates to PhP5.00 worth of online access per day! That’s what SMART Prepaid is offering and what about Globe Prepaid?  It too has its own special rate for its die-hard followers: PhP50 for one day unlimited internet surfing — even when you’re also on a Postpaid Plan! So why are you still talking on the phone when you can use Viber, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, WeChat, and Line to do all the for free!

Here are fun things you can do on the web surfing in ‘casual mode’:
1. Check out friends’ status on Facebook
2. Find out the latest NBA or Showbiz news  on Twitter
3. Scan your email inbox for great offers
4. Watch the latest videos on Vimeo and YouTube
5. Take a selfie on your Instagram account

With unlimited access on the web, we haven’t mentioned that it’s a great tool to search for answers on assignments and homeworks you’re finishing while reading up on the latest news on Yahoo! and/or on Inquirer.net.

Quality Smartphones for less than USD172 is something more and more Filipinos are getting into
Quality Smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors (whatever that means!) for less than USD172 is something more and more Filipinos are getting into

Smartphones are more affordable than ever before. We have at least four small Android OS operated phone-players raking it big in the mobile scene with Cherry Mobile picking up huge swaths of the curious market and where Starmobile, O+, and myPhone are all but cashing in to the growing market yearning to be connected on the Internet.

Filipinos are more and more beginning to ask: Why stay offline and miss all the fun? Why pass up the latest buzz and trends on the Internet where people converge from different backgrounds; Where businesses continue to engage customers and build relationships with old and new followers like never before, and where news never gets old and gets re-tweeted, re-posted, and becomes insanely viral creating more memes and other graphic tales so to speak.


San Miguel Goes Mobile in 2014

SanMig Mobile? Mahaba-habang kuwentuhan ito.
SanMig Mobile? Mahaba-habang kuwentuhan ito.

Are we ready for another mobile telecommunications company like San Miguel? Do we really need another one? Would they be better than the current competition? These questions and more seems to be all yes for San Miguel as it informed the Philippine Stock Exchange of its intention to go against mobile phone giants Smart Communications and Globe Communications.

San Miguel seems to know something that the other wireless giants don’t and the company is banking on those answers when it offers their services to the public in 2014. It will be a huge investment because most of the wireless back ends or the mobile towers that provide signal to phone companies are operated and owned by Smart’s subsidiary PLDT.

And PLDT is putting up a fight even in pockets of areas where San Miguel is testing out the waters. Just in July, PLDT tried to block San Miguel’s Wi-Tribe in setting up telecommunication facilities saying it is an “unnecessary duplication of facilities”. Wi-Tribe will not be the brand San Miguel intends to launch so speculation is up whether the Beer giant will tap to some of its telecommunications portfolio like Bell Telecommunications, Liberty Telecommunications or Vega Telecommunications. San Miguel is determined to enter the scene but consumers want better services and more affordable rates since the country is the lowest in terms of smartphone penetration this year according to Nielsen. Something all of the wireless mobile phone players should take seriously if it wants to be taken seriously by a growing market of Smartphone users.


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